Credit Repair Demystified: Understanding the Purpose, Process and Perks of Getting Top Credit Repair

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  • How Did I Get Here?

    We live in the convenient and dangerous world of credit cards. Almost everyone has one for emergencies (real or perceived) and a good number have several others that they signed on for during one of those heady moments where proper judgment was momentarily impaired.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, credit cards are great for helping in the development of your credit history and credit score. They also allow you to enjoy discounts (store credit cards).

    However, this can get tricky very fast if you:

    • Apply for many cards at once (this means a lower credit score + more bills to pay…and who needs that!).

    • Do not make your payments on time (those penalty interest rates can be brutal and that record lowers your credit score).

    • Max out the credit cards (higher credit card use=lower credit score).

    • Carry over a balance (those interest payments again!).

    In all fairness, credit cards aren’t the only things that affect your credit score.

    There are loans from the bank too i.e. how many do you have and how you are paying them, as well as how you pay your bills; late or on time?

    All this information is collected by a credit reporting company and is accessible to a wide range of institutions such that it can be hard for you not only in getting a loan, but also getting a job, an apartment and a credit card if you have a poor credit score.

    How Can I Get Top Credit Repair Services?

    If you feel that your credit report has some errors that have negatively affected your credit score, you can contact the credit reporting company and point out that mistake.

    This is usually done through a letter to which you attach your credit report with the errors clearly marked out and supporting documentation. Send this to the company by certified mail and make sure to ask for a receipt for proof of communication and wait for a letter in response.

    Now, this is a lot more involving than it sounds and could take up a lot of your time so you could hire the services of a credit repair company.

    The staff there will do all the work for you at a reasonable fee, allowing you to go about your daily activities as normal. Some of these companies have great experience and are able to negotiate with your lenders on your behalf, something that may have been rather difficult for you to do on your own.

    It is important to know that not all credit repair companies are legit. You need to check them out before hiring their services to ensure that you don’t end up in more trouble that you started out with.

    That is why it is important to hire only the top credit repair companies who have been around long enough to have a history that you can examine, and have a good reputation and a money-back guarantee on their services.


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