Crossinvest in Singapore – A Wealth Management Company Profile

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A wealth management company that offers financial advisory services and exclusive asset management, Crossinvest (Asia) Pte Ltd operates from nearly three decades of experience as a leading Swiss investment firm. Crossinvest (Asia) offers their financial expertise and services to institutions, entrepreneurial families, and even individuals.

Having such an extensive background in the Swiss banking world, Crossinvest (Asia) operates with the finest qualities from the world renowned and trusted Swiss Private banking traditions.

Established back in 2005, Crossinvest (Asia) came about after the Swiss founder came to the realization that the country of Singapore was poised to become a strategic and highly effective Asian banking hub.

Considering that Singapore has since become one of the world’s top financial centers, it is clear that the Crossinvest (Asia) founder was on to something from the start.

Singapore’s healthy governance, world class financial regulations and regulatory environment, and infrastructure, have all been active parts in making it the sophisticated financial center that it is today.

The office of Crossinvest (Asia) can now be found within this great city amid preserved shop houses that are part of Singapore’s great architectural heritage.

Crossinvest (Asia) is proud to be a pioneering force as an Independent Asset Management company that has obtained the Capital Markets Services License from Singapore’s Monetary Authority, the Singapore Regulatory Body.

Because of the independence of the company, Crossinvest (Asia)’s clients are able to rest easy knowing that all of their objectives and needs are being treated as high priorities.

As the world and the world economy are changing and growing at a rapid rate, the international team of professionals at Crossinvest (Asia) make a point to dedicate their time to singling out individual client’s distinctive needs and then focus their energies on building long-lasting and effective business relationships.

Excellence has and always will be their aim – which is why all of Crossinvest (Asia)’s clients are given the greatest quality of service and commitment.

Furthermore, this company sees the importance of trust as the foundation of any lasting relationship.

The Crossinvest (Asia) team lends their extensive experience and dedicates their time to building up the trust between themselves and the individual clients.

The Crossinvest (Asia) team demonstrates time and time again how important the confidence of the client is to the company. They use the best interest of the client to navigate through each unique circumstance and relationship.

In addition, Crossinvest (Asia) takes great pride in the excellence of the company and all that they undertake. This is a company that tirelessly strives to give exceptional service to each client.

By keeping the business model both lean and versatile, and having three decades of experience and knowledge at their disposal, Crossinvest (Asia) is comfortable working towards the achievement of any reasonable investment objective.

While their success rate and customer satisfaction level are both testaments to their strategy’s effectiveness, they operate from the stand point of avoiding the limits often imposed by past successes.

In other words, their past successes only push them to exceed the client’s expectations and to push the envelope ever further.

Crossinvest (Asia) also makes a point to look for what makes each client unique so that they can customize the most effective strategies and solutions for each client’s distinctive needs.

This approach sets Crossinvest apart from other companies and gives them the edge they need to satisfy each and every client that comes their way.

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