Crystal Cathedral Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 1:58 AM | 2 Comments

Media report that Crystal Cathedral Ministries, an Orange County (CA) landmark and mega-church founded by television evangelist Robert H. Schuller, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Monday morning. But for some reason, I don’t feel sad because of the way these churches conduct their business and the way these TV evangelists live. I saw the church only on TV. I like the senior pastor Robert H. Schuller. I watched and listened to his sermons many Sunday mornings. He was encouraging to a lot of people.

But its only Chapter 11 filing. It will give the church some time to organize and come up with the money and some solution to the problem why it came down to this. But somebody has to dig deeper and find the root cause of why it happened when it did.

We cannot compare today’s preaching and the altar the preachers give out their speeches from with the time of Jesus Christ. He lived a simple life. No Christian can follow that but only in the poorest of the poor countries of the world. They can follow Jesus in simplicity because they have nothing else to follow with.

I don’t know about European countries how they conduct their business in churches but here in the U.S. it’s always mega-this, mega-that. Everything is on a grandeur scale whether its religion or something else. What and who[m] are they trying to impress? Do they think people give money to the beautiful glass buildings or to the cause that the church represents?

The cause of the church does not need style in such a big way. The cause needs substance and the evangelists can surely impress their followers with their words and good deeds in the community which seem to be lacking these days on all fronts.

The monthly energy bills of some of these churches seem to be multiple times more than what I mortgage my house for. How can these churches expect the followers to support them in their grandiose of the utmost?

The followers, especially the leaders, of Christian church and for that matter other religions as well should be following simplicity in their lives. To impress a congregation with the glass buildings and other material things is completely wrong. And the way these preachers live is basically wrong and against the teachings of Jesus Christ.

I believe that it’s the solemn duty of the followers to support their preachers but not to the extent that has become the norm of the day. They still can preach, maybe more effectively, from a simply-built stage. They still can preach if they start living in a simple 3-bedroom house instead of the mansions that these guys have built for themselves.

In a Nutshell
The management of Crystal Cathedral and other churches as well must examine their substance of preaching and not follow the glittering image that most of them represent.

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