Debt Is One Money Game Folks Must Win

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Today is a Federal holiday in America. Today is Thanksgiving day. Happy Thanksgiving to those who will celebrate and to those as well who are unable to do so even though they may wish they did.

I was told by the soup kitchen in my town that they will serve turkey and other kinds of food all day long.

For those who want to celebrate by having a turkey feast at home but can’t, debt among other things is probably the biggest problem.

Debt is one money game many folks are unable to win but they must.

They keep getting into debt deeper and deeper whether they want it or not.

The whole money system is set up in such a way that many people must borrow to just simply survive.

In very simplistic terms, these days when you deposit money in your favorite bank, the return on it is a measly 1% or perhaps less.

On top of that, when the deposit gets to be less than a certain threshold, you are bombarded with extra fees.

On the other hand, when you borrow, the return to the bank or any lending institution is more than 4% plus extra cost that banks consider their God-given right. They win, you lose.

It’s not even a toss up. In the system I just described, there is no way you can win unless you consciously choose to win and win at their own Money Game.

Otherwise, you feel trapped, restricted, or confined by what it takes to succeed or even just simply to survive.

The basic problem with the above scenario is that from a younger age, that’s what you were taught.

You grew up in that environment. Many more people get in debt almost automatically.

They keep struggling just to make ends meet. That becomes a way of life for many folks. A time comes that they are fed up with not having enough money.

Folks were taught the age-old rules and regulations set up by the lending institutions. They blindly and faithfully followed without any say in changing the rules. They never questioned their validity or looked for alternatives.

You cannot win the Money Game because it was designed for the anacondas of the money institutions.

They would suffocate the last breath of your financial life and you would be left with nothing but your miseries.

You must educate yourself and pick up the arms of your knowledge and defeat them by busting loose of this so-called money game.

The more you know about the money game, the more you would desire to find a new way of playing and a new set of rules that would still enable you to create and experience abundance to live a happy and satisfied life.

In a Nutshell
So what’s the alternative? What’s the solution? If you look deep down inside yourself, you might be able to come up with a solution in the form of an alternative.

But your thinking must be organized and must take a step-by-step approach to win the Money Game.

Make yourself promise that next year Thanksgiving Day, you will have minimized your debt to more manageable monthly payments and be on the road to Busting Loose of the Money Game that most folks take for granted.

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