Differences Between Business Broadband And Home Broadband That Increases Your Business Revenue

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You have decided you need a broadband for your small business and you are in dilemma over whether you should pick business or home broadband.

As a business person, you always try to choose the best option that will impact your business positively. So would your business benefit from a business broadband or a home broadband service?

A reliable fast business broadband is as crucial as capital or hardworking staff to your business but does every small business need a fast broadband to be successful? Or you can go with a cheaper and slightly slow home broadband service to save on cost.

Here we have listed crucial differences between the two to help you learn and decide what’s best for your business and the one that will help you save;

  • Security

    Protecting your business from online security breach is very important as it plays a role in saving cost.

    Most broadband come with enhanced security features that ensure your business data and information is safe and secure all the time.

    XLN’S business broadband comes with security packages which include firewall, abuse control, spam control, anti-spyware, online backup and antivirus that ensure you data is completely secure.

    The security features protect your business from any internet abuses thus saving on cost.

    Imagine what kind of a disaster it will cause for you and your clients if your business broadband is compromised, so for that case business broadband come with higher mark security software to help save your business which eventually save on cost.

  • Speed

    Business broadband provides faster connection speeds besides lower contention ratios.

    The standard speed is normally 2MB or 4MB for home broadband while that of business broadband is usually around 8MB or even higher.

    Speed is very crucial when it comes to running business website because it guarantee faster and reliable contact with clients via email, sending or receiving large files and carrying out other web-based operations.

    Business broadband traffic is prioritized to avoid affecting your speed and quality of connection thus keeping your business running efficiently.

    The secret to saving on cost is to have a fast connection speed that ensures your service delivery to your clients is effective.

  • Static IP address

    Unlike home broadband where you get a dynamic IP address that changes every time you connect to the internet, business broadband offers a static IP address.

    It enables you to use your connection for a business-specific features that are crucial to the daily operation of your business.

    Static IP address enables you to host your own server, which allows your business to receive large files and ensure clients connect to your server without difficulties.

    With static IP address, you can also host your own website or domain name server.

    All these services enable you to reduce cost and help you save money you could have sought for them elsewhere.

  • Customer support

    The most important difference between these two broadband that is most noticeable to users.

    Business broadband offers better technical support, customer service is highlighted and there is a faster response whenever a problem develops.

    Any faults in the system is fixed within 24 hours and some even you offers a specific customer support contact to help you whenever there is an issue.

    Operating your business you will rely most on broadband connections so it’s important if something goes wrong, assistance will be available immediately.

  • Cost

    Business broadband is more expensive than home broadband especially if you have many extra services or a rented line.

    If you need the customer support and high level security for your business, the higher price is worth it but at the end you will have saved a lot of money.

    Still if you can do without these services for your business, you might as well, be fine with home broadband services.

    The range of services offered in business broadband like running your web servers reduce cost of running your business.

    Using home broadband for your business, you could end up missing out on income if it develops some fault and you are unable to get a quick response from customer support.

    Business broadband offers a better value if you want to save revenues generated from your income because of the extra services you get with it.

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