Different Jobs for Making Big Cash in 2016

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No matter what industry they are in – from humanities and agriculture to engineering and IT – it is everyone’s imperative to have the best position possible and make the most money they can. That is why people change careers often, transfer to a new field of work and always learn something new.

But, what are the highest paying jobs this year? Which position will make you very rich right away and which will allow you to have a gradually rising salary?

Here are some of the suggestions you might want to take into consideration.


  • Surgeons

    Being a surgeon is immeasurably difficult. Not only do you have to train, learn and update your knowledge for over a decade, but you are literally being trusted with people’s lives every single day.

    However, without skilled surgeons, patients would not be able to recover from illnesses, they would lose limbs and organs and, finally, die – and this would happen day after day!

    That is why an experienced surgeon can earn over $350,000 every year, which is about a thousand a day.

    This is expected knowing how many lives they save, and how much effort and time they invest into their training.

  • Airline Pilots

  • Airline Pilots

    Being a pilot is not only absolutely awesome – just remember how ladies reacted to Leonardo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington in Catch Me If You Can and Flight – but also very lucrative.

    An average pilot does have to go through six or seven years of training, but their annual wage is usually about $135,000, which more than enough.

    This job, however, comes with a few disadvantages – you are out of the house quite a lot, flying can affect your health and you need a lot of practice – but the comfort and the position you get are very seductive and appealing to a lot of people.

  • Attorney

  • Lawyers

    When push comes to shove, a good lawyer is the most important person in the world.

    No matter what kind of a legal trouble you have, you are going to need lawyers who know what they are doing.

    This line of work forces you to be the best you can and compete with your opponents on a psychological and intellectual level day in and day out.

    But, knowing that you can earn about $130,000 a year justifies all the hard work you put in.

  • Air Traffic Controllers

    Who do pilots have the most trust in? Of course, the air traffic control experts.

    They monitor the planes’ schedule and direct them on and above the airport. Without them, planes would crash into each other on a daily basis, for sure.

    Knowing that this position does not require a bachelor’s, but an associate’s degree, the average annual salary of about $122,000 seems amazing.

    Yes, you have a ton of things do to everyday, and are in charge of hundreds of lives, but the benefits of this jobs are quite obvious.

  • Plumber

  • Plumbers

    This is one of the best hands-on jobs and the one that is not for everyone. A decent plumber has to be skilled, informed, experienced and reliable.

    Even though plumbing may sound easy and simple, this is not something everyone can do when faced with an emergency.

    Whether your drain needs cleaning or your hot water system is damaged, a trustworthy plumber will save you a lot of time and trouble.

    That is why their average annual salary can go up to $75,000.

  • Gas Plant Operators

    This is another job you can see in the movies quite often, but is not as exclusive and profitable as flying a commercial plane.

    Gas plant operators make sure that gas is distributed where necessary and processed in the right way.

    This position usually does not require a university degree, so you can easily get hired right from high school.

    With a few thousand jobs offered in various gas plants around the USA, it is not surprising that this job becomes more and more popular.

    And an annual salary of about $60,000+ adds to this newly found popularity.

  • Other Ideas

    Some of the other high-paying jobs include psychiatrists, corporate executives, anesthesiologists, petroleum engineers and architectural managers.

    These are, of course, just a few options to consider, so try to find the one that suits you the most.

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