Different Types of EPOS Systems and How to Select the Right One

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Selecting the right EPOS system for your business can be a confusing, baffling and difficult experience. The key is to find the right EPOS system that will make the buying process to the customers simpler, faster and efficient.

Different Types of EPOS Systems are Available in the Market

Here is the list containing information about different types of EPOS systems available for different types of industries.

  • Retail EPOS Systems

    Best suited for businesses like supermarket, pharmacy, garden centre, general store and more, retail based EPOS systems are largely used by both independent retailers and large multi-site customers.

    Extended retail EPOS software benefits include instant messaging direct to point of sale, time management, a central document sharing facility, and cash/safe management.

    The cloud based system allows for easy handling of transaction data and recovery of lost data. This software can be easily installed on the existing computer without needing to make any hardware changes.

  • Hospitality EPOS Systems

    This type of EPOS system is best suited for independent hospitality business and multi-international chains and franchises like restaurants, nightclubs, fast food centres, cafe, hotels and many more.

    Hospitality EPOS systems are built specifically for hospitality using the latest industry software including Intel processors, Samsung hard drives and touch screen arrays.

    This customized software can easily handle large volumes of transactions and prevents any downtime during the peak business hours.

    All the data are automatically synchronized enabling the user to make more proactive decisions rather than a reactive one.

  • Fashion EPOS Systems

    Fashion EPOS systems are best suited for boutique clothing stores, fabric stores, shoe shops, suit stores and many more.

    It is a simple way to sell through a brick and mortar store, website or other channels.

    This software enables users to control all aspects of the day-to-day processes. This software system allows for drag and drop feature, which makes adding new products to the cart all the more easier.

    The web integration feature can easily be added to share stock and pricing of various products on the website. A user can easily generate and print hundreds of barcodes on a daily basis.

  • Beauty EPOS Systems

    These are best suited for gyms, spas, tanning salons, treatment rooms, a hospice/NHS, massage parlours and all kinds of salons.

    The Beauty EPOS system comes with the latest hardware technologies like dual core Intel processors, award winning software and slim line units, hence making it an ideal choice for the demanding beauty environment.

    It brings all aspects of a beauty business together: the appointment book, the point of sale, and the customer management system. This all-in-one Beauty EPOS system saves time and makes the business transactions easier.

  • Service EPOS Systems

    Service EPOS is best suited for launderettes, watch repair, shoe repair, key cut, garage jewellers and any other service or repair business.

    This software system comes with the latest hardware like Intel processor and motherboard, award winning proprietary software and slim line units.

    This EPOS service system will result in improved customer service by streamlining all the processes involved, and allows for optimum performance for enhanced customer experience.

  • Selecting the Right EPOS system

    Finding the right EPOS system for a business is very important. Eposnow.com has all kinds of EPOS systems in their stock. They also support their customers to make the right choice.

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