Disrespecting Authority Is Considered UnAmerican

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Disrespecting authority is considered UnAmerican if not outright against the law. It is against work ethics though. When you show disrespect to your employer, you can be fired for insubordination. In private sector, it’s up to the manager to either fire you (bad) or let you stay (worse).

If you are working for the government and you disrespect and disobey the higher-ups, you will definitely be fired.

I agree that’s your employer and they can do anything they want. What if it’s a human and not your employer? What can or should you do?

Disrespecting Authority Is Considered UnAmerican

There is nothing you can do except may be have a fistfight with your opponent or worse use language that is nothing but curses starting with the most famous alphabet in English known as “F.”

  • If you are a peaceful person …

    You could opt for just walking away. What if it’s a bully that bothers you in school and even in your place of work?

    I have heard stories that when you report such incident to “authorities”, instead of treating you a victim, they treat you as the aggressor.

    Stories of all sorts of TSA (Transportation Security Authority) abuse are abound. The humiliation that officers of the authority have been so kindly and so efficiently bestowing upon the innocent travelers is, at best, beyond any human comprehension.

  • We as travelers …

    We cannot disrespect the TSA personnel unless we are disrespected first. Even then we are advised to stay calm and quite. George Constanza once remarked: “And it moved.” So he began asking Jerry Seinfeld if he was gay. If mine moved, who[m] do I tell? I don’t know Jerry who can tell me: “It’s nothing. So what if it moved.”

    When I disrespect my employer, I am fired. I vote for people – that by the way includes some humans as well – who can represent me without insulting me. Shouldn’t that be reciprocal? I consider myself human, definitely not of the utmost but enough to live by.

    Look at the image

    Look at the f***ing shit fingers. He is waving not one but two fingers.

    Can you believe those two fingers are going inside Americans’ ***holes?

    Isn’t that an insult and disrespect of the utmost? Even doctors don’t use two fingers.

    I wonder if the gloves have been greased or some kind of moisturizer used on those shitty fingers.

  • A Dialogue between TSA and “His” Kid

    TSA personnel have so much power that it shows on their faces. Look at this guy closely. Have you seen such arrogance in attitude? At the end of his shift when he goes home, is he going to tell his wife and kids about his job? I can imagine his conversation with his kid:

    Kid: “How was your day, father?”

    TSA: “Well, son! It was definitely not a good day. I inserted my two fingers up only 500 ***holes.”

    Kid: “How did it feel, father?”

    TSA: “Well, son! To tell you the truth it felt good.”

    Kid: “But you are a man, father!”

    TSA: “Well, son! I am glad I am a man.”

    Kid: “The other day in school, teacher was telling us about homosexuality and she was saying there is nothing wrong with being gay. Are you gay, father?”

    TSA: “Well, son! The thought crossed my mind but I cannot say for sure I am.”

    Kid: “Father, are you going to keep inserting your two fingers in their ***holes?”

    TSA: “Well, son! I reckon I am. As long as it feels good, I would keep doing it. It’s a good way of making a living. I am serving the American people by finger f***ing them. You know I have always been efficient at my job. As long as I feel good about it, I would keep doing it.”

    Kid: “Father, when you are doing what you do best against Americans’ will, isn’t that considered rape?”

    TSA: “Well, son! I can’t tell you how good it feels. Rape by TSA is good. In this case, rape is not against the law. When the air travelers buy ticket and they come in front of me, they know they already surrendered their right of being decent and respected Americans.”

    Kid: “Father, Are you decent and respected American?”

    TSA: “Well, son! That depends on your point of view. I have to be. I finger f*** American men, don’t I? What can be more respectful and respected than that?”

    Kid: “Father, You mean it’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.”

    TSA: “Well, son! It cannot be dirty. When you enjoy your work, it’s not a dirty job. When I look at those men, my two fingers start itching. I don’t scratch my fingers. The doctor said don’t scratch. But oh son! When I insert my two fingers in those ***holes, they stop itching.”

    Kid: “Keep up the good work, father. I am gonna try to finger a couple of guys’ ***holes in school.”

    TSA: “That’s my son!.”

In a Nutshell
The White House approved the methodology practiced by TSA a few weeks ago. Does that make it legit?

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