Diverse Money-making Options: 5 Unconventional Investment Ideas

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The stock market is not the only way to make an investment in the modern world of business. There are many different types of markets that are available to the average person that do not require the blind speculation of the securities market.

Below are five different unconventional ideas for financial investment strategies for today’s investor. These can be great ways to invest your expendable income.

5 Unconventional Investment Ideas

  1. Baseball cards

    There will always be a market for the national pastime, and baseball cards are the memorabilia that most people will use to commend their respect for the game. Baseball cards are like the stock market in many ways; however, the price of a card is much more related to the performance of the underlying asset (the player) that is on the card. This is more of a fun suggestion, than anything, but you can actually make money in trading cards.

  2. The fine art market

    Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be rich to participate in the market for fine art. Newer artists that are up and coming can give more modestly monied individuals an easy way to get into the market. As compared to the securities market, fine art is incredibly liquid and easy to leverage for loans as well.

  3. Classic cars

    People who are into classic cars are usually into them for love of the art as much or more than for the money. Many of them actually fix up the cars themselves, making classic cars one of the best investments with one of the highest ROI of anything on this list.

  4. Reselling

    If you do not want to own or take care of any assets, you can invest in reselling businesses that do not require you to take on any inventory. eBay is reseller central for most people who are entering this market; however, there is a private industry as well with professional auctioneers and that even utilizes real estate.

  5. Peer-to-peer business lending

    There are many websites that specialize in helping businesses with loans from the average person rather than rich angel investors. These investments usually come with clear terms and high ROIs. The businesses that are on these sites are profiled thoroughly – you will know their creditworthiness as well as their past financial records and see the ROI that you can get back from the investment.

The investments that are required are usually very low, so you can diversify your investments in different businesses without having a great deal of capital, a huge advantage to the average person.

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