Divorce Lawyers in London Are Busy Professionals in the Divorce Capital of the World

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You may come to Las Vegas to gamble and get married. However, according to an October 19, 2014 news report in the Business Insider, you should go to London if you want obtain a divorce. That is because London is now considered the “Divorce Capital of the World.”

Divorce Lawyers in London Are Busy Professionals in the Divorce Capital of the World

  • Mediation Rules in the English Capital

    Apparently, the city is preferred by richer clients as the spouse who is weaker financially obtains a fairer allocation in most of the settlements. In addition, many divorces in London are amicable as mediation is advised in collaborative law negotiations. Therefore, couples like to be represented by legal mediators in London as the step avoids ugly disputes or legal entanglements.

  • Allocating the Marital Assets – Usually a Better Deal for Wives

    If you want to obtain a “fair” or equitable divorce then, retaining the services of a London solicitor who specialises in divorce happens to be a trending activity, especially among the very wealthy. According to the Business Insider report, England, or London in particular, is the place to go for divorce as the award settlements for wives are set higher than any other city worldwide.

  • Financial Forgiveness

    The Business Insider report goes on to state that may of the divorces in London have an international link. Following a case in 2000, which was considered a landmark ruling. English courts have supported the idea that the marital assets in a divorce settlement should be divided 50/50 with the ruling usually favouring the less wealthy of the two spouses.

  • A Better “Means” Award

    This ruling contrasts with other countries whose “means” awards are not nearly as substantial or equitable to the spouse who is the least secure from a financial standpoint.

  • Some Divorces That Were Overturned

    Apparently, the word has gotten out as well that the divorce process is not as lengthy or laborious as it can be in other European countries. For example, 179 Italian couples were granted divorces in England, only to have the dissolutions cancelled because it was found they had never had lived in England. The couples tried to get away with filing divorces in the UK to avoid their own country’s lengthy divorce procedures.

  • Using a Non-adversarial Approach

    While divorce lawyers in London may appreciate the added professional recognition they receive in the English capital, a few of the judges do not like the strain that is placed on their shoulders as a result. That is why a good divorce solicitor in London makes sure that divorces are handled with the utmost of discretion and equity in mind.

  • Considering the Child’s Feelings

    Instead of taking an adversarial approach, divorce solicitors in London either try to mediate divorces to avoid messy and lengthy proceedings or file the dissolutions with the intent of dividing the money and assets fairly and equally. Part of this mind-set involves doing what is best for the child in any divorce case.

  • Calming Stormy Waters

    While arguing with a partner is not a behaviour that is considered out-of-the-ordinary and children will observe this behaviour from time to time, verbal sparring during divorce proceedings is not something credible divorce lawyers want to see. Again, the preferred approach taken by recognized solicitors who handle dissolutions of marriage is to make sure everything is civil during mediations or proceedings.

  • How Divorce Can Affect a Child

    Unfortunately, divorce conflicts can become very unpleasant, if not personal, for all the participants, which can be particularly distressing for younger children. When children do not understand or comprehend some of the events surrounding a divorce, they often express themselves through their actions rather than merely speech.

    According to child psychologists, children of divorce may, in turn, display some of the following traits:

    • An increased need to “cling” to a parent

    • A lack of belonging – appearing to look lost

    • Showing embarrassment about having friends over to the house

    • Physical distress, such a stomach aches

    • Yelling or shouting at other kids

    • Feelings of fearfulness – uncertainty about the future

    • Insomnia or an increase in restlessness

  • A More Amicable Way to End a Marriage

    While a divorce conflict does not necessarily change who the child is, it does alter a child’s world and how he perceives and relates to it. Therefore, parents who are currently going through a divorce appreciate the fact that they can obtain a more amicable divorce through London solicitors than they could in other parts of the world – another reason London is the divorce capital.

  • The Handling a Divorce – A Major Consideration

    However, it is still up to parents to make sure that their children are not subjected to undue stress or pick up the negative feelings that often are associated with conflicts such as divorce. Acknowledging a child’s pain can ease a good deal of the emotional burden or upset that he is carrying. Therefore, how a divorce is handled is one of the primary considerations of how the process is managed in the UK.

  • Choose a Solicitor with a Strong Family Law Background

    Needless to say, divorces are events that can be both emotional and physically distressful to both children and parents. That is why it is essential that anyone who is planning on consulting with a solicitor about the matter choose a legal professional who is well-versed in family law and divorce.

  • Select a Lawyer Whose Record Showcases His Skill

    Select a lawyer who has a proven track record in the field who is a proven negotiator and who has the best interests of all the parties involved at heart. Solicitors who handle family law should provide services in collaborative law as well. Mediation can make any divorce less emotional and more beneficial to all the parties involved.

  • Family Law: Divorce and Other Sub-specialties

    Family law practitioners should represent the category of divorce as well as such sub-specialties as:

    • Financial division

    • Children’s cases

    • Per-nuptial agreements

    • Collaborative law

    • Domestic abuse

    • Civil partnerships

  • Taking a More Neutral Stance

    Family law is different than other areas of the law as it requires that a lawyer use a more neutralised approach toward dispute handling and dissolution of the marriage contract. That is why it is important to select a solicitor whose background reflects this type of attitude.

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