Do We Have Bunch Of Teenage Twits In The Nation’s Capital?

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I can make a lot of comments on what’s going on in the nation’s capital especially on Capitol Hill but that would be from the outside what I have learned from the media. Folks working on the inside might know what’s going on in Congress. The members in both houses of Congress are supposedly representing the American people. But I can say this much: Give me a break, paleese [please].

Clint Eastwood, 80 at the end of May 2010, recently commented about the nation in general and our leaders in particular.

Clint said:

“[The U.S. is] becoming more juvenile as a nation. The guys who won World War II and that whole generation have disappeared, and now we have a bunch of teenage twits,” the Academy Award winning actor and director told GQ magazine. “The world needs this kind of story nowadays [about Nelson Mandela and others]. It’s just … everybody’s so screwed up. It seems like our country’s in kind of a morbid mood, because of the recession or whatever.”

Besides the nation becoming a bunch of teenage twits, there is something else going on that the nation is so used to these days. English not being my first language, nagging is a word that, in previous life up until the 70s and 80s, was used mostly for women. In reality, though, because of the unisex nature of the society, men nag more in their daily lives.

Did you ever watch C-SPAN? Congressmen nag and nag all day showing as if they are actually trying to solve the nation’s problems. They nag for another reason as well. They know most Americans are not watching them nag. They are free then to nag all day long. When folks nag, one thing is for sure. Nothing gets done.

Let me tell ya! The American people get no respect [Rodney Dangerfield]. Selfishness and outright greed seems to be the norm not the exception. But still America is doing far better than the third world, not sure about Europe though.

In a Nutshell

Diane Huddleston has commented beautifully. Some excerpts:

  • The greatness of America, like all great empires, is now beginning its eventual decline. Americans have been distracted into accumulating more toys (and getting into debt) while our government aligns itself more with interests of corporations.
  • Just look at the corporate welfare they have given out while multitudes of ordinary people lose their homes and jobs!
  • Our leaders are standing up for $pecial interests and corporations and not the American people. If they were really concerned about the People, they would put through health reform rather than be influenced by insurance companies and their bottom lines.
  • They would stop corporations from downsizing to outsource our jobs.
  • They would do right by implementing real changes [instead of nagging all day long] to save the environment instead of what greedy oil companies want.

What do you think?

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