Dollar Bills In Your Wallet May Be Tainted

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The dollar bills you carry in your pocket, touch and feel may be tainted with a chemical that is known to cause cancer. The chemical is called BisPhenol A or simply BPA.

The reason the paper money is tainted with BPA is that it touches and rubs off the receipts you get from retailers. The culprit is a certain kind of receipt that has been found to contain BPA.

Dollar Bills In Your Wallet May Be Tainted

Some media have reported that the powder-like substance is used on paper intentionally. Looks like it’s one of the ingredients of certain kind of paper.

Previous studies have shown that BPA-laced receipts are issued by major retailers such as CVS, KFC and the U.S. Postal Service.

When you touch BPA-laced paper, the powder-like substance can stick to your fingers and sometimes get in you mouths.

Not only potentially causing cancer, but studies have shown BPA can cause other health problems from infertility to early puberty and obesity.

Does that mean we finally found the cause for early puberty that has been raging the Western World for so many years?

And what’s so bad about early puberty? Kids do things that previous generations didn’t do until they were of “adult” age.

Let kids enjoy life a little more with sex, smoking, and alcohol. In America, even though at a young age, these things are not good for you and are illegal but you are allowed to do them when you get to be at a certain age.

Similarly obesity can be cured in America when you take BPA out of the damned paper.

Other studies have shown the cause for obesity is fast food and lack of exercise.

Now we know the real cause is BPA and not fatty burgers, fries and pizzas. O Brother! Do we love them or do we love them? Hallelujah brother!

Is it some kind of conspiracy by businesses? They are the cause of sickness and they then provide the cure.

If they stopped using BPA and if there is then no obesity and early puberty because of this substance, how else will they sell their cure to the American public and the world at large?

In one of the third world countries, a doctor went to a small village up in the mountain to live and prosper because the town didn’t have a doctor previously.

He thought he could live off the medicine and cure that he would provide to the town’s people.

Nice fresh air, locally grown organic vegetables and meat. Simple life.

He found out people didn’t get sick. He thought he should do something about that.

Otherwise, he would be sitting there killing flies, so to speak.

He went back to the big city, got some viruses, came back to the village, released the viruses among the populace and he lived happily and prosperously ever after.

An that’s what businesses might be doing to the general populace. Hey! You never know. The idea is not too far-fetched.

Look at how the governments are handling Wikileaks. They leak and and they prosecute – oops, I think the word is persecute.

What is the world coming to? The government is f****** us, business is f****** us, bad luck is f****** us. You know what? We are one f*cked up people.

And Congress claims it’s the House of Representatives. Congress must stop pretending and act like one. It must stop screwing its own constituencies and instead start screwing these industries that “release” BPA and other harmful substances. It must impose some kind of regulations on these industries.

But you know what? Congress might continue screwing the American public. As long as the big house is under the control of lobbyists and is always hungry for money, it will be hard for it to do something against BPA and other such culprits.

In a Nutshell
Kidding aside – but I ain’t kidding – just wash your hands after you touch receipts and dollar bills. I would suggest to use credit cards but use them wisely. Use but not abuse your credit.

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