Easy and Effective Methods to Attract More Followers on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the cyberspace today, with over 400 million active users. If you, like everyone, are looking to get noticed, followed and liked by hundreds and thousands of users, you will need an effective social strategy.

  • Find a Niche

    No one likes an account that is neither here nor there. If you’re trying to make a name for yourself, you can’t expect people to follow you by seeing random pictures of toast and pillows.

    The thing to do here is to pick out a particular type or genre to focus your posts on, and then regularly post pictures related to that theme.

    You can be an artist, a geek, a skydiver, or a Barbie doll collector- the sky is the limit. Take a topic, and make it your own.

    That way, when a user is looking for posts pertaining to a particular topic, he will be drawn to your profile.

  • Don’t Make a Dreary Profile

    Your followers are following you because they like the topic you’re posting on, and expect quality posts.

    If you give them completely unrelated posts time and again, or worse, post pretty much the same thing over and over, like a picture of you sleeping in history class, after a picture of you sleeping in math class, they will get bored and maybe even unfollow you.

    Quality is the key when you want to get Instagram followers, or when it comes to maintaining a social media presence. Keep that in mind.

  • Upload Good Quality Pictures

    Your Instagram followers expect quality content. This means that you can’t randomly click and upload every picture you take. Learn some focusing.

    Figure out which angles accentuate your subject the best way, and how to make the picture more presentable.

    You don’t necessarily have to use a DSLR. Phone cameras produce great images too, after a little carefulness and sleight of hand.

    There are quite a few basic photography tutorials available online as well.

    Also, while IG comes with a few pre-set filters, you’d be better off using other apps to make your pictures stand out. You get a wider range of better quality filters in apps like Pixlr Express, Afterlight, Snapseed and VSCO CAM.

  • Mind Your Hashtags

    Hashtags are magical- they’re essentially words or pieces of text designed specifically to make your post visible to people searching for those exact keywords.

    The thing here is if you check hashtags like #breakfast, #love or #vacation, you’ll not find thousands, but millions of posts containing them.

    While these are alright for categorization, your post needs something else to stand out.

    The best thing you can do, after amassing a good number of followers, is to come up with a distinctive hashtag which isn’t used by anyone else.

    Another thing which any viewer scrolling through his feed dislikes is the use of too many hashtags on a caption.

    They are distracting, irritating to scroll through and often quite pointless. This practice gives the impression that you are desperately fishing for likes.

    Lay off the very popular hashtags too, as they don’t really serve your purpose.

    Go for two to five hashtags, which accurately describe the post itself, and maybe one or two distinctive hashtags.

Besides these, it is a good idea to be fairly regular. If you post weekly or twice a week, stick to that schedule so that even if your posts don’t show up on a user’s feed, they know when to check your profile for new posts.

Another great option is to get featured in a post by a really popular Instagrammer, as it will grab instant attention from tons of users.

These simple methods, once adopted, will go a long way in attracting more followers and likers on your posts and profile.

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