Ecommerce UX Best Practices To Follow For Improved User Experience

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UX, user experience of a website is the overall experience that one gains after visiting the entire design.

eCommerce UX is almost the same, gauged on how quick and swift it is for the visitors to navigate the desired product or service in your store. They must get what they are exactly looking for without putting pressure in your brain and mouse.

In Magento eCommerce development, the most crucial phase is to convert visitors into proactive customers. Pretty UX is a necessary ingredient to add in your website design to get an engaging online storefront. This can be done by doing a mathematics on several elements that might impact the overall shopping experience.

Factors That Hampers UX Of a Magento Website

Technically, UX of a design puts heavy focus on the users. It is dependent on both research and validation. UX of a page makes it easy to understand the customer intent and help them meet the desired goals in the best possible way. Unlike, UI and design put an eagle eye at which elements are necessary to keep in.

A design can be considered of having a perfect UX if,

  • It is easy to navigate

  • It loads quickly

  • Unnecessary steps are not included

  • Icons are easy to decipher and are labelled

  • Everything must be simple, clear and specific

  • It works flawlessly on the mobile devices

Let’s look at some factors that can be amended into your website design to make it strong yet pretty-

  • Put pretty yet neat visuals

    Your web page is the face of your brand and hence demands every element to be classic and exotic enough so that the visitors will love to stay with you. An eCommerce business highly relies on the images to display their products to the customers and it is the major cause that you need to be consistent enough while putting product images.

    You should be decent not weird. The color schemes and typefaces must stick to a single theme through the design. You want to sell your products through your online shop. So, your motto must be to present your deliverables in the best possible ways, but do not overpower them with plenty of multimedia content.

    Videos are good, but in a balanced way. You should avoid cluttering with multiple products, else focus on well-segmented product categories pages.

  • Hassle-free checkout process

    Out of the leading eCommerce design trends, the highest drop-off point is at checkout. The most probable reason in some cases is consumer indecisiveness due to the complexity and confusion in the checkout process. A good practice here is to put simplicity in overall layout by using the fewer number of required steps to make a purchase.

    One simple step here is to allow the users with some sort of flexibility. Like,

    They can move directly to category sections to preview items without navigating to the main page or can add items to the cart straight from the category sections.

    One more relaxation can be to allow visitors purchase items as a guest instead of compelling them to create an account.

  • Effectively implement social media

    Social media buttons when placed well plays a big role in the eCommerce website development. None of the item must dominate your page, instead make it noticeable enough. The best areas for placement are the top right-hand and bottom right-hand corners.

    Pinterest can be used as an effective marketing tool to improve your internet presence and in turn boost your Google-ability.

    It is easy to use your pretty and high-quality product images in a single click and pinning your product to make it in the reach of thousands of online available users.

  • Leverage featured area

    Home page is the crucial element of any website as it gets the maximum traffic and thus offers the highest opportunities to lure people visiting you. Home page is the storefront window that requires a positive impression for the users by displaying them what they are actually looking for.

    The featured or hero area is the predominant part of the home page where firms place their images, banners, videos and even slide shows related to the top selling products. This makes them fit to capture anyone’s attention if the uncluttered, simple and yet designs are used.

    It is better to remove the things that are not so important and only consuming the design space. This area can be optimized well to be used for displaying upcoming offers and other core offerings.

  • Always give priority to functionality

    A lucrative design grabs the highest attention of the customers, but the things will go adversely if it will be void of functionality. Practically, your website needs to be creative not fancy. Studies have proved that the maximum crowd influences with decency of your design. The thing that matters is, how functional all the design elements are, to make your website optimal enough.

    Keep only those elements that add beauty to the entire design. You need to remove the fluffy stuff. The key is, every component of the page must support the visitor in reaching your business objectives.

  • Focus on product details

    Product information plays a big role in any web store to give a complete illustration of what a product is all about. Each product detail and add-to-cart buttons are designed in a different way to captivate the potential buyers and rendering them an unmatched shopping experience.

Wrapping Up

A good user experience does not employ plenty of amount in your eCommerce website. As a smart entrepreneur, you must think to provide a relaxing shopping experience for the buyers through an effective Magento web development. This involves mere tweaks in your website design that can create a big impact on the conversions.

The key is to experiment with the fresh ideas where you can also follow tips from the competitors’ website to get benefits from the verified results.

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