Economise On Your Golf Vacation

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Are you a golf enthusiast who loves golf travel? Are you already planning your trip to Pebble Beach or St. Andrews? If you are, then you must be wondering about the expense that you will have to foot for your golf vacation.

Lets face it, even with deep pockets no one likes to spend a pile of money on their golf vacation.

If you are wondering how to make the best of your favourite sport without having to empty your pockets, then don’t despair.

Here are a few useful pointers on how you can cut down on the expenses of your golf travel.

  • Travel at off-peak times

    All golf courses and clubs have a flexible price structure which varies according to the time, to optimise profit. This means that like airfare and hotels, prices are very high during the peak tourist season when the entire golfing community descends on the golf courses to tee off.

    However, all golf courses offer lower rates a certain times during the day. This would include twilight hours or even mid morning hours when the rates begin to drop. You cal play for cheap and it will also be less crowded.

    If you are playing on a public golf course in the States, then keep in mind that 18 holes will take you four hours to finish, at the least. So ensure that you get done by dark. Golf courses offer twilight rates which can go down as much as 35 per cent off their peak rates.

  • Keep online updates

    Keep checking the website of your preferred course and also sign up for their online newsletter. You might think of it as encouraging useless spam, but many last minute offers and discounts are circulated online.

    These special ads will mostly be found on their own website or through their monthly newsletter. Golf courses save a lot of money by advertising on their own outlets.

    Then there is email marketing. Look out for the newsletters and you can be rewarded with a really steep discount that you wouldn’t have found out about otherwise.

    For example, clubs often offer a discount of as high as 60 per cent on course fees to those who have signed up for their online newsletter.

  • Discount clubs

    In the States and some other countries, there are associations called golf discount clubs which basically offer you discount coupons for certain golf courses. Some offer free weekends of golf rounds for two people at very renowned golf courses.

    However, be careful about what discount clubs you choose. Some only offer reduced rates for lesser known golf courses and have various other hidden clauses, so read the fine print very carefully.

    There are state golf associations that you can join. This way you can play on some of the good golf courses at reduced rates. Some of these state associations don’t even need you to reside within the state.

  • On site accommodation

    This is often very economical because in-house guests get cheaper green fees. Sometimes the prices of the rooms on the course will be higher than the nearby hotels and inns.

    However, the green fees will differ considerably for outside golfers as opposed to resort guests. So stay onside unless you have a room outside for a drastically lower price.

    Also, you can look for hotels nearby which offer packages tied up with golf courses.

  • Golf packages

    Go online and look for golf packagers who have an established and reliable reputation. If they are as good as their word, they can offer you a substantial saving in price.

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Jenna Lewis has been working with a travel agency for the past ten years. She specialises in creating customised golf travel packages for tourists. Jenna is an avid golfer herself and loves to tee off in her free time.

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