Effective Tips to Help You Find Cheap Bed Sheets

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The current warm weather and sunny days call for replacing thick sheets with light ones. Shopping for inexpensive and high quality sheets can be challenging. Today, everything seems to be made of “luxury fine linen.”

However, not all are smooth; some feel exactly like a rough tablecloth. It is no surprise to find 800-thread count bed sheets that are rough compared to 200-thread count sheets costing four times the price. Therefore, what gives?

The following are the top tips to consider when looking for cheap bed sheets:

  • Decide wisely on the material

    Ultimately, your choice of fabric or material is surely a personal preference. Since the warm days are here, you may want to consider cotton-poplin bed sheets. They are breathable, soft, and light – the perfect combination for warm weather. This material stays cool during summer and warm during cold seasons. You can also consider cotton-polyester. This wrinkle free and reasonably priced material is surely worth your money and comfort.

    Linen is also another worthy consideration. The best attribute about linen is the fact that it is perfect in high-humidity and warm areas. Linen also brings with it a natural cooling effect, meaning it is incredible at absorbing heat. Because most linen wrinkles easily, pick the wrinkle resistant ones.

  • Do not fall for thread counts

    For sure, thread counts can be quite misleading. A great misconception among many people is relating higher thread count to higher softness and better quality. The truth is that this is not always the case. Granted, thread count plays a big role in determining quality.

    However, too high a count means that the sheet will be stiffer. It means that it does not allow effortless penetration of air. Stiffer bed sheet versions tend to be sateen.
    To be on the safe side, look for bed sheets which are at least 200-thread count.

    For instance, 300 or 400-thread count bed sheets tend to be extremely soft and beautiful. Nevertheless, anytime you exceed the 800-thread count mark, you’ll end up settling for a stiff sheet.

  • Consider a silk pillowcase

    Generally, silk is a huge investment. However, affordable silk exists. Silk is extremely breathable. Since it stays natural, it is an excellent material for the transitioning climates.

    Transitioning climates are the ones that are cooler during summer and warmer during winter. The most important thing to know is that you have to always dry clean. Laundering silk in a washing machine damages the fibers and ruins the softness.

In conclusion

No matter the cost or material of the bed sheet, proper care is of utmost importance. For durability, you have to treat them well.

Remember that fabric softeners are great at eating away at fabrics. Additionally, avoid washing your sheets in hot water. Refrain from over drying them in heat. This will cause the threads to shrink and/or expand thus loosening the weave, which leads to breaking down faster. Lukewarm water is the best for washing sheets.

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