Eight Helpful Programs for Implementing A Personal Budget

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Implementing a personal budget can be difficult. It’s hard to get used to being restricted on your spending habits, and at the same time, it’s hard to keep track of all of that information. However, there are some very helpful programs available, the majority for free, that help you stay on top of your money.

Eight Helpful Programs for Implementing A Personal Budget

  1. Mint

    Both a cellphone app and a desktop program, Mint links to your bank account and tracks your spending. It allows the user to create budgets for specific groupings, and alerts you when your funds are low or you get close the the limit of your spending.

  2. Simplibudget

    A Mac-only program, Simplibudget is only $1.99, and allows you to track your spending and monitor your activity through interactive charts. While it’s not as robust as other options, it is certainly more colorful and user friendly.

  3. BudgetPulse

    This time for a Windows only tool, this is another very simple personal budgeting tool. It does it’s job well, but doesn’t do much beyond tracking your basic checking and savings accounts in addition to your credit cards.

  4. MoneyDance

    A fully-featured, robust system that offers budgeting tools, investment tracking, provides reports, and much more. This tool is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, crossing the full range of OS’s and providing a much more in depth experience.

  5. Quicken

    Quicken is the granddaddy of personal fiance programs, and perhaps the most well known. However, it’s notorious complexity turns many users away, with a majority preferring to use easier, more intuitive versions. But if you have a good understanding of finance and want a more hands on experience, or even more control over your budget and monthly spending. This is still a great option, the program is tried and true and offers more then the typical financial program.

  6. Homezada

    This one might seem odd to some people, but if you are a home owner, you will understand that repairs are a very real need at times and you should always be saving a fund for said repairs. This home renovation software makes it possible to track the possible renovations you will need for your home along with the associated costs. You can learn more about the features this software offers on their website.

  7. Wesabe

    Wesabe offers an online option and a smart phone app. With a dedicated base of users, Wesabe is very active, with its community offering saving tips to each other and helping new members get the hang of the program. Highly recommended for beginners.

  8. Rudder

    A rather simple, straightforward tracking tool, Rudder has one feature that stands out above the others: it offers a function to help you predict future spending based on previous habits, and allows you to schedule bill payments in advance.

Having a personal budget can be rewarding, but getting started can be the hard part. The majority of the tools listed here are free or low cost, so be sure to use their assistance in getting started.

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