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With the number of chat software all over the web, it is important that one must choose the right chat software if wants to compliment his site with one. This is because some chatting tools can’t properly support the site, especially when it is being attacked by spammers and such.

A nifty chatting tool like Chatwing can solve this problem easily and will compliment the site much better compared to its other counterparts.

Here’s how one can embed it on their site.

First and foremost, he needs to have a Chatwing account. Accomplishing this task is easy, for he only needs to fill out a simple form that requires a valid e-mail address and a password. After clicking on the Register button, he’ll then be headed onto the Dashboard.

Chat Wing

The Dashboard is where he’ll be creating his new chatbox. In this case however, he is already given a default chatbox ready for use. From here, he can either customize the chatbox first or use it immediately.

Chat Wing-2

If he chooses to modify the chatbox, all he needs to do is press the Customize Chatbox button. He’ll be redirected to the customization page where he can modify every part of the chatbox to make it more eye-catching and appealing to his would-be chatters.

He can also activate some of Chatwing’s features here – each with its own purpose of increasing the chatroom’s efficiency.

The whole customization process are separated by tabs – each with its corresponding Save button that he needs to click in order to permanently apply the changes he made to his chatbox.

Chat Wing-3

Here’s an example of a modified chatbox:

Chat Wing-4

If the user wishes to immediately use the chatbox he chose, he can press the Use Chatbox in the dashboard and be redirected to the Embedding page. Otherwise, he can press the Use button on the top-most part of the Customization page to head there. After doing so, he’ll need to click on the Embedding Options tab for the final step.

Chat Wing-5

The Embedding Options tab is where he’ll find the html code for his chatbox. But before that, he’ll have to determine how large the chatroom will be when it goes in his site through the scroll bars provided. After that, he’ll need to copy the Javascript Code of the chatbox, open his website, and paste the code on its appropriate place. There are guides written above the code that tells him where to put it.

Chat Wing-6

After he has pasted it, he’ll need to save his progress for it to take effect. After refreshing his browser, Chatwing will go online without a problem. From there he can easily invite his readers to chat with him about their requests and concerns about the site, if they have any. It works perfectly in supporting the site as a whole.

Chat Wing-7

Chatwing is still being improved by its developers to make it more efficient in providing the best chatting experience to its users. And it’s even better because its usage is not limited for site user only. Everyone is free to use this chatting tool because everyone can afford it. It’s free.

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