Employee Recognition Awards – A Great Way of Strengthening Your Business

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For an employee to be motivated enough to put in his best effort day after day in the workplace, she will need to feel that her work is appreciated and she adds value to the company.

If this is not present, attending office may seem like bearing a cross, and sooner or later she will look elsewhere for job satisfaction, irrespective of the salary and financial benefits.

Thus it is vital for every employer to think about ways of making each employee special and privileged, without spreading dissension within the team.

While companies need to worry about making the financial compensation competitive and worthwhile for the employee, the loyalty and affiliation is typically brought on by tokens of appreciation that demonstrate how much the company values their contribution.

While part of the process is the simple acknowledgement of the efforts of the employees, the rest lies in structuring a reward system that provides clear goals for employees to strive for.

  • Typical Occasions for Employee Recognition

    The reasons for which employees can be given awards are limited by only the imagination of those in charge of the process.

    When the aim is to achieve greater motivation and loyalty, then awards may be given when either the employee has spent a specific number of years in the company.

    An excellent reason for recognizing an employee could be if he has chalked up a stupendous attendance record worthy of emulation.

    Other reasons could be on account of excellence in performance – number of new clients acquired, innovative workflow suggestions, new product ideas, cost-saving suggestions, etc.

    All-timefavorites are those that touch the employee personally such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries, the birth of a child in the family, etc.

    Companies that are in a highly-competitive industry such as insurance also extensively use awards to signify that the employee has achieved a particular level of distinction and now he is in an elite club comprising other members in the same league.

  • What Are the Typical Recognition Awards?

    The form of recognition awards is only limited by the creativity and imagination of the people in charge of the program in the company.

    Personal occasions like birthdays and anniversaries can be marked with the awardees receiving a personal note from the boss, and a small token such as a cake, a dinner voucher or a bouquet of flowers.

    If the company desires to be really making it special, it could find out the personal preference of the concerned employee and act accordingly.

    For example, if the employee is a music enthusiast, then she could be given a couple of tickets for a concert or even a DVD of her favorite album.

    In recent times, recognition jewelry like rings, lapel pins, M Pins, are also being increasingly used.

    The important thing to bear in mind while designing the recognition program is to ensure that it does not get translated into financial terms else it would lose its emotional appeal.

  • Recognition Jewelry – Getting a New Thrust

    Recognition jewelry as a concept has been around for a long time but now it has assumed a lot of importance with companies engaged in diverse business sectors.

    Recognition or award jewelry is basically simple things like lapel pins,rings, badges, charms, cufflinks, medals, pendants, brooch pins, etc. or even beautifully-engraved bookmarks that when given on special occasions can make the recipients feel appreciated and acknowledged.

    Depending upon the nature of the business or institution, and the typical profiles of the recipients, companies can get small items of recognition jewelry custom designed and manufactured so that the item is absolutely unique and give the wearer a feeling of pride.

    Many educational institutes also have a system of awarding a lapel pin when a participant is allowed membership of a fraternity or when a participant is successful in passing from one level to another.

    These tokens are a reflection of the initiative and enterprise of the receivers that they will be proud to accept.

    This will ensure that they, as well as those around them, are motivated better and owe more allegiance to the company, organization or institute.

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