Encourage Your Project Team Members To Excel

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In a world of constant change, Project Managers, not to mention whole organizations, are struggling to meet the challenges of the new competitive landscape.

To successfully finish the task, project managers must grow and accordingly change their view and understanding of the role of their team members.

In today’s information economy, to prosper and even to survive, the project manager must tap into the creativity, imagination, and decision-making capabilities of your every team member.

What this means is that your team members, along with the information, knowledge, and skills they possess, are the most important resource in working on the project.

Tools for team excellence

Project Manager must posses leadership qualities…

You, as project manager, should lead your team with one purpose in mind: to achieve increasingly positive results from the efforts of your team members. Highly effective project managers see the qualities of passion, trust, commitment, and loyalty as absolutely essential for improving results from your team.

These qualities are developed in team members as a response to specific values held by their leader.

Leaders who want the qualities just mentioned from team members must first develop these values in themselves to be effective project managers.

To ignite these qualities, highly effective leaders base their leadership on a foundation of the following four cornerstone values:

  1. Purpose

    Your purpose ought to be to make a difference, to work on the project using intelligent and highly efficient ways to finish the project. Also, you want to contribute to something you believe in and are passionate about.

  2. Integrity

    Integrity, here, means you ought to be able to create trust among your team members and yourself. That, in turn, creates genuine respect among those you lead – your team members.

    Project managers as leaders must first learn and master personal leadership – leading themselves – before they can truly master leading others – their team members.

    Leaders with integrity display consistent thoughts and actions. Their words and deeds do not contradict each other. Team members want to know that their leaders will do what they say they are going to do, and that they will keep their commitments.

  3. Service

    You as project manager will succeed because you desire to be of service to your team members and your superiors. Leaders who respond to challenges with a commitment to service empower their team members to grow and prosper.

    An attitude of being of service must start with the leader. When you, as leader, demonstrate that you genuinely care about the people you lead, your team members will respond in the same manner.

    The end result is that team members who want to be of service to customers, who in turn, will continue to buy your product or service.

  4. Stewardship

    Stewardship, here, means your strong sense of responsibility over the resources and assets you have in your charge. You, as a steward, must place emphasis not just on the financial assets, but also on the invaluable, intangible assets of your team.

    The collective talent of team members is recognized as the core resource of any project. True stewardship acknowledges human potential as the team’s most important asset.

    Projects ought to succeed and those that fail, leaders are simply unable to sacrifice their own needs and desires for those of their team, even if that sacrifice would be for the good of the group.

In a Nutshell
Leading your team members and embracing these core values on a daily basis is not easy but hard, to say the least. On your part, as project manager, it takes clear focus, unwavering commitment, and supreme self-confidence.

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