Enhance Your Career Soft Skill Set

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If you have a job and I hope you do – more than 92% of the folks do – along with other new year resolutions you may have, you can take steps to enhance your career skills set or make it more valuable to current and prospective employers.

Some folks were born with having soft skills. Others must achieve and practice them on a regular basis. Some experts give the analogy of “street talk.”

As long as your communication ways are convincing and effective within reason – short of any persuasion that is applied physically like water boarding and other kinds of torture – you’ll have a chance to advance your career.

How do you do that? Well! Your employer may offer some training in a variety of disciplines. You can go back to night school for a certificate or a degree in your local community college. Or Get online education and advance your career. But those are what is in the industry known as “hard skills.”

Enhance Your Career Soft Skill Set

  1. You need to have soft skills

    After you go to college, you get experience in your job and you work, work, work. You eat, you sleep, you work, and of course you shit – well most of us anyway – and that’s about it. What you also need to have are “soft skills.”

    These are the skills that humans generally possess and hopefully separate us from other species. These skills might include communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, enthusiasm, and optimism.

  2. Helping others

    What you need to do as well is concentrate on your attitude, be just, be fair in dealing with others, help others, and so on. The last personal trait that I mentioned namely helping others will be one of the important deciding factors in advancing your career.

  3. Effective Communication skill is key to career advancement

    These days, no matter what field you are working in, you need to have effective communication skill-set not only on a professional level but on a personal level as well.

    There are ways to achieve that. You can use your favorite search engine to search for keywords and phrases like “enhance your career soft skills” and you will find a bunch of sites that deal with the subject, probably more than you can digest. Some prefer to call it people skill.

  4. Be a good listener

    Some will suggest to smile a lot, look co-workers in the eye, call people by their name, be self-aware, get over inhibitions, broaden perspective and a whole lot of other personal traits. But the one I like the best is to be a good listener. You can do that not only in your office environment but at home as well.

In a Nutshell
“Soft skills” are as important as “hard skills”, maybe more so. To get hard skills is a lot easier.

There are a variety of schools, even in your neighborhood. But the more important skills to have are soft skills. And they are more difficult to achieve.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution and implement them in your personal as well as professional life.

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