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There are financial, legal and technology services available online that you may not be aware of. The list given below is free or almost free of any charge.

Personally I enjoy anything free online with no hidden quirks whatsoever. From text messaging to movies, and everything in between, learn to get every-day items for absolutely free!

  1. Personal Finance

    These days you can find many finance websites that may or may not offer free services. The following selected sites are totally free.

    • Financial Planning
      Mint.com acts like your financial adviser and is totally free financial planning website. It’s free because you pay nothing upfront or ever. Mint is probably the best free financial planner online.

      The cost of a financial planner is at a minimum $150 an hour. Mint takes your banking information and spits out your financial profile so you can keep track of your spending, saving, investment and a few other goodies.

      It can give you advice on what kind of credit card to get. It also tells you how to negotiate lower-interest rates and allocating your investment portfolio.

    • Free Credit Report
      This is a must at least once a year if not more frequently. Get your free annual credit report now. You are entitled to one free report per year from each of the three main credit bureaus.
    • Business Proposal
      A proposal is not a business plan. Business plans present a company’s operational and financial objectives. While it’s an important corporate document, it is very different than a proposal. Confounding the two will produce either a poor business proposal or a poor business plan.
    • Tax Help
      The mother of all tax-related websites, IRS Tax Help is one of the best and it’s free. The only hitch is that you must have income up to $51,000 a year and no more. The free service is also provided to military families and folks age 60 and older with tax returns from trained volunteers.
    • Medical Help
      If you get sick, turn to Med Help. You have to sign up for an account.
  2. Long Distance Phone Service

    The big daddy of all long-distance phone services online, Skype is, in my opinion, the best free service available. This is especially very useful if you are first generation immigrant and your parents and other relatives live back in the old country.

    My family uses the service a lot. Many folks access the Internet via high speed service where they pay a fixed monthly amount for unlimited use. Skype and similar services are excellent for that kind of set up.

    Skype used to be totally free but since Microsoft bought it, it charges some cents per minute. The rate varies from country to country.

  3. Entertainment

    TV shows, movies and music plus ringtones when free can give a very soothing effect to your mental quagmire that may or may not be stuck in debt.

    • TV Shows and Movies
      I am a classic movie and TV shows buff. Luckily Hulu.com has many old shows and movies that are absolutely free. It used to be 100% free – all TV shows and movies, but a few years ago, Hulu started to charge for some movies. But as of this writing, the website charges less than $10 a month for some movies.
    • Music
      Pandora.com is free website that’s music to my ears. If you can live with short advertisements, then you can enjoy free music on your mobile devices as well as your desktop or laptop computers. It will allow you to create your own playlist of your choice for playing it back.
    • Ringtones
      Scan Myxer.com‘s free database of thousands of ringtones (and wallpaper). You may want to customize your own ringtones and download them to your phone.
  4. Studies…

    There are quite a few free websites that are very good, offering a variety of subjects that you learn for free.

    • Learning
      Cramster has sections for not only students of course but parents as well. Another one that I like the best is Khan Academy.
    • Test Preparation
      Number2 will get your kids ready for SAT, ACT, GRE or GMAT with the preparation courses the site offers in vocabulary extension, practice sessions and tutorials.
    • Business Classes
      Small Business Administration (SBA) is one excellent site that offers a wide range of self-paced courses, including How to Prepare a Business Plan.
    • Language Courses
      If you want to learn a foreign language, Live Mocha is the one you should be looking at. Another one that is being advertised is Rosetta Stone but it will cost you money. You can try it for free though.
    • College Education
      Can you believe that you can get college education for free at MIT Open CourseWare?
  5. Legal Advice

    If you ever get stuck in debt quagmire, read about certain legalities.

    • Bankruptcy Laws
      If you ever get stuck in debt quagmire, read about certain legalities such as bankruptcy laws at Avvo which is short for “avvocato,” the Italian word for lawyer.
    • Simplify Your Legal and Financial Life
      If you are to write a living will or power of attorney, you have come to the right place. Check out Rocket Lawyer.
  6. Technology

    Free services for virus protection and extra online disk space.

    • Build a Website
      Ning is one of the more popular sites that offer tools and programs for building a website. In particular, Ning is the world’s largest platform for creating social websites. Other such sites include Elgg and Wall.
    • Virus Protection
      Obviously you work with computers and maybe you have a website or blog, virus protection is something that you definitely need. Cyber Defender is one of the many websites that can give you protection from viruses, spam and all those malwares.
    • Extra Disk Storage
      Upload your documents, pictures to MOZY. It will give you up to 2 Gigabytes of disk space absolutely free. You can also sign up at Spider Dak or Online Backup.

      There is also cloud storage you might want to look at.

      Cloudwards.net is a data and user feedback driven review site for online services. We are a group of writers from all over the world who provide information on the best cloud storage, web hosting, cyber security, VPNs, etc. Check out their articles here.

    • Office Software
      You don’t have to pay for Microsoft Office Software. You can get the same functions such as word processor, spreadsheet, and a whole lot of other applications at Open Office.

In a Nutshell
As you can see, you can save a whole lot of money using websites that offer their services with no or minimal charges. Try some now.

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