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So you completed your graduation a long time ago and took up the most stable, well paying job on the market( at that time). It’s been only a few years but now the growth and the pay is no more as attractive as it used to be?

You have all the technical know-how of your job and have reached the glass ceiling that only can be broken with a management degree?

These are some of the very common complaints one gets to hear about the corporate world. Stunted growth has been causing a lot of frowns.

Executive MBA is one effective and definite solution over this issue.

Let’s see what exactly executive MBA is and how it can help you in your career:

  • New skills

    Adding new skills in a working environment always helps. Combination of soft skills and hard technical skills is definitely an ace.

    But adding to this combination if you have an edge over your competition with management skill set, it will definitely be a big plus in your favor.

    Management education will teach you strategic thinking, critical analysis of the problem at hand from a macro level, and most important quality of a manager, effective communication and team building skills.

    Combining these with your technical know-how makes a perfect combination of a good manager.

  • Different perspective

    Studying executive MBA will not only introduce you with various kinds of management skill sets, but also introduce you with different types of business practices.

    Different types of industries operate in their own special way. And as you grow up the ladder your interaction with the industries outside of your own increases.

    It’s vital for you to not only understand their way of working, but you also need to know their way of thinking.

    Only then can you derive the most for your own organization. Minimize the redundant costs and maximize the profits.

  • MBA networking

    The most important aspect of management education is networking. This follows for all forms of management education but the benefits of which are more evident in executive MBA.

    Almost all the people who join executive MBA have climbed up a certain level in the corporate ladder and post the management education, will be climbing even higher.

    Classmates of today become colleagues of tomorrow. Some may even go on to become a very useful contact for your own business prepositions.

  • Corporate MBA

    Many of these courses are often encouraged by the organizations itself. In such scenarios they may be referred to as corporate MBA.

    In this the organization sends the executive for management education for him to learn certain aspects of business it wishes to leverage the knowledge of which from the executive.

    These are corporate funded programs and are highly industry specific too. Many organizations have tied up with premier institutes around the globe for multiple types of management programs under executive MBA.

    These programs vary in terms of their content knowledge and the duration. Most of the times these programs are conducted in the institutes premises.

  • Live Project work

    As a part of your curriculum in the management program you are required to take up an industry project which you then study, research and then present your solutions and recommendations.

    Many a times in the cases where the executives are sent by companies for executive MBA, these companies benefit from the project work the executive conducts while in the course.

    This kind of project work and learning the methods of primary research and secondary research and various methods and approaches of the same, is very useful as you climb up the corporate ladder.

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Jane is the director of the executive MBA at a premier management institute. Mother of two, Jane is a freelance consultant in the field of strategic management.

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