Exchange Your Gift Card For Another One

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You would probably receive gift cards over the coming Christmas holidays. Many folks don’t use them for a variety of reasons. Maybe you just don’t shop at those stores. You are keeping your gift card(s) in your wallet, thinking you would use it one day.

Well, you can always exchange it for a gift card of your favorite store. There are websites that will do just that for you. You can swap your unwanted card for a different one or trade it in for cash.

However, depending on the service you use and the popularity of the card, you may receive only a portion of the card’s value back.

Typically a user must first create a free account and provide details of the card, such as merchant name, value and expiration date.

Requirements and procedures vary by Web site. Some of the websites that offer this kind of facility are:

Gift Card Rescue

At, you can not only exchange your gift card, but you can sell it as well. You can buy new one also.

  • Card values must be between $25 and $200.

  • Enter the details of your gift card. The site will tell you the card’s “redemption value,” or how much it is willing to pay for the card.

  • The site typically pays between 60% and 80% of the card’s value.

  • You can then choose to receive cash via PayPal or select a new gift card from the site.

  • Finally, you mail your gift card to the website.

  • You should get your new gift card or the cash within 48 hours after the site receives your card.

Plastic Jungle

At, you can sell your unused gift cards and then they sell those gift cards at a discount to others.

  • Deducts a 10% commission from your payments when you sell or trade your card.

  • You can turn unwanted gift cards into Amazon Gift Cards.

  • You can purchase gift cards on their site, often at a savings.

  • You can trade gift cards with other Plastic Jungle users.

Monster Gift Card

At, they guarantee all transactions. That means if you have a problem, just email them at, and they will resolve it immediately.

  • Create your personal wish list at Monster Gift Card.

  • Select your merchant gift card and click “add to wish list”.

  • To view your wishlist click “My Account” at the top of the page and select “wish list”.

  • You will see your favorite gift cards and never have to search for them again.You must be a registered user on MGC.

In a Nutshell
You can always exchange your gift card. Do you have gift cards with a small unused balance? Donate them to charity. Donate a Gift Card accepts gift cards from many retailers and gives them to a charity you choose.

Pay close attention to expiration dates and dormancy fees for not using the card within a certain period.

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