Faces Of Depression Because Of Debt

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Data shows that some folks who are heavily in debt may lead them to major depressive disorder. Knowing that you are going in debt more and more severely every month of the year, you ought to start working on how to get out of debt. You must start managing debt before it starts managing you. When you start worrying about debt, you may start worrying about your health, especially mental health before debt really gets to you.

    Face of depression

  1. Your Feelings about your finances have changed

    Major depression is a mood disorder that affects the way you feel about your financial life in general and debt in particular. You may be having hopeless or helpless outlook on your debt-laden life. Other feelings about debt may be worthlessness, self-hate or inappropriate guilt.

  2. Face of depression

  3. You have lost interest in life

    You seem to think about debt all the time and because of it, depression has taken the enjoyment out of things you love.

  4. Sleepless nights

    You always feel tired and fatigue has taken over your existence but you cannot sleep as needed at night because you are likely to always think about your debt.

  5. Face of depression

  6. You have frequent Anxiety attack

    The physical and mental toll of depression due to debt also contributes to anxiety and irritability.

  7. Appetite or lack of it leads to weight variation

    Folks react to debt depression in different ways. They may develop huge appetite and gain weight. Some lack appetite and will lose weight.

  8. Face of depression

  9. Your emotions may largely be out of your control

    Anger and crying may hold you tight in your emotions. Happiness and enjoyment stay away from your person.

  10. Some folks become suicidal because of debt depression

    The scariest reality with debt depression is some folks become suicidal. Suicides because of debt problems rarely come without showing symptoms first.

  11. Face of happiness

  12. Get help and be happy

    Even if your depression is cured, you would still be in debt and it’s not going to go away. Because your depression is due to your debt problems, the best thing to do is to get help in solving your financial problems.

In a Nutshell
If your depression is because of the heavy debt you are in, your best bet is to seek help in solving your finance problems. Debt depression can happen to anybody but before it happens, curb your spending, save more and seek help earlier when you see the first sign of debt depression.

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  2. By tani on Nov 26, 2012, 2:58 am | Reply

    My father has suffered from the Alzheimer’s disease after a 3 weeks depression and when they firstly realized that he has a memory lost problem then he ignore it once this problem increased at a big level and doctor said that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s and give them piracetam advise to treat this problem now he is feeling very normal.

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