Factors That Will Determine Type of Yard Sign to Get

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Yard signs come in different types. They offer a great option when it comes to boosting the marketing effort for any business.

They are also great for use by individuals that want to pass on a message such as a notice for a yard sale.

What sets apart these signs from others is that they come in small sizes. They are not as large as billboards or banners. They are stand-alone signs that you can place just about anywhere.

When it comes to picking the ones you want for your use, you will need to consider some factors. You will notice that since they are small in size, you cannot put much information on them. For that, you have to get the choice right from the beginning. The good news is that these signs are usually low priced and for this reason, your budget does not really factor in getting the signs for your use.

You will realize that the signs vary in terms of the materials they are made from. They also differ in terms of size. You will also have the option of having printing done on both sides of the sign. This will affect your choice of sign that you end up with.

However, this will depend on the following factors:

  • The message you want to pass across

    If you need to include a lot of details on the sign, then you will chose a large sized sign. Such signs will take in more details about your company. You can include your company name, logo and telephone number. Some will even accommodate a photo. Real estate agents and such other professionals whose image matter as part of their marketing efforts can utilize these signs best.

  • Duration that the sign will be up

    If you want the sign up for a longer period, you will pick a sign made from durable material. The best material is made from corrugated plastic sheets that can withstand extreme temperatures. You can pick this for signs that will be on site for an extended period. This will mean that the signs will not fade over that period. The sign stands and stakes will not corrode during that time it will be on display. The sign will also not tear.

  • Whether you will need to reuse the sign

    You will pick a sign that will last long also if you will need to reuse it. Real estate businesses that move signs from one place to another can use long lasting signs. Such will see them reuse signs without need of frequent replacement. Signs that you use for exhibitions and trade shows that you will reuse also apply in such cases. One-time use signs such as those you may use on your lawn when announcing a yard sale or during an event do not need to be made from long lasting material.

  • Where you want to place the sign

    A double side printed yardsign will work well where it is visible to traffic from the front and back. If the location you have does not support a sign on a stand or stake, then you can consider one that you can mount on the wall.

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