Family Finance: Where Can You Pinch Pennies in Cosmetics?

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Beauty and cosmetics continue rise in price, so finding ways your family can pinch pennies in this area is often a necessary. Beauty products and personal hygiene are items are things you can’t go without, and many times you want to stay loyal to a brand that works well with your body chemistry.

Here are four tips that will control your bottom line, and keep your cosmetic bags stocked.

Family Finance Where Can You Pinch Pennies in Cosmetics

  1. Cleansers and Moisturizers

    Buy cleansers and moisturizers in bulk and larger sizes. There is no expiration date so you can easily stock up and use them over a long period of time without them going bad.

    Prepare small containers for overnight trips that can be purchased for pennies on the dollar.

    Follow this concept for a daily basis as well, except use a dispenser that is easy to refill and holds at least two weeks’ worth.

    This time frame will help you track the amount being consumed and can let you know when you might be using too much.

  2. Lips

    Go for mini-sized items to use on your lips. These versions are always less expensive and carry well. They can be slipped in a purse, cosmetics bag, and even pockets.

    Lip liners are great alternatives to expensive lipsticks since they can be purchased in bulk, and last forever as long as you keep the plastic cover on the end.

    Consider investing in more lip gloss and less lipstick. The former is far less costly and has soothing properties that keep lips healthy.

    However, you can still purchase lipstick colors and brands you love and only apply them on special occasions.

  3. Eyes

    Cosmetics for eyes are the easiest of all to purchase on a budget. Eye shadow never goes bad if stored properly, and a pencil liner is another bulk buying candidate that can last with proper care.

    Some women even use it for double duty on lips. Mascara and liquid liners are more difficult to store for any length of time since they dry out and become unusable.

    If you do not use them often, then go with a mini-version. They are budget friendly while still offering this make-up detail.

  4. Foundations

    The most used, costly, and perishable of all cosmetics is foundation. Whether pressed powder or liquid, you will spend the most money on this cosmetic.

    In addition, it is the most specific to your whole make-up routine. Due to skin allergies and getting the color just right for your complexion, it is hard to compromise here.

    Find retailers that provide incentives such coupons and discounts. For example, often offers Kohl’s 20% off coupons that you can use in store or online.

    The only challenge left to you will be to make sure you’re stocked with your preference when you need them.

With these four tips, staying on the family budget while still including all your cosmetics is not all that challenging.

Continue to look for sales wherever you can find them and use the bulk theory when shopping.

Most of all, keep all your products stored properly and you’ll have enough to last you a few years.

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