Fashion Basics that will Save You from Overspending on Clothes

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Most of us are always struggling with the decision of what to wear and what not to. If you ask me, there’s no escape from it.

So, to save you the trouble, we’re listing wardrobe essentials which are worth the money and will save you a hell lot of cash.

Fashion Basics that will Save You from Overspending on Clothes

  1. A White Tee

    A white tee shirt is an absolute need. They are versatile and never fail to look chic. They can be paired or rather rocked with any piece, be it black leather pants or a vibrant colored skirt or even something as simple as denim shorts.

    White tees can be made even more stylish by the right use of jewelry. Celebrities we crush on on a daily basis use it as their best weapon. Hailey Baldwin, for instance, is notorious for stacking gold rings and necklaces which take her from a solid 10 that she is to a crazy 123255 on 10.

  2. Jackets

    Jackets are a game changer! The jackets I would advise you to spend on would be a proper blazer for professional commitments, a leather jacket to bring out the girl boss you are and a denim jacket to dress down any outfit.

    We’re living in the fortunate time where you can totally survive not wearing a pant suit to work. Pant suits can cost not just thrice the amount of a blazer but can also get too hot and uncomfortable if you’re residing in a hot place like California.

    A blazer can work as brilliantly as a pants suit itself. A blazer can be worn over cute dresses in summers to make it office appropriate or just over a button down shirt and a pair of smart trousers.

    With blazers, another staple to have in your closet is a leather jacket. Haven’t we all seen girls or even boys rocking them all over Instagram? They have made a revolutionizing comeback, or wait, they never left the realm. They have always been considered chic and hip. Although they can be on a pricier side, but if you look out for the right sales, you’ll be fine. They reflect a fair amount of biker look that we all wish we had.

    A well-fitted leather jacket can be worn over almost anything, albeit the weather conditions.

    Moving on to denim jackets. They are another must-have. They go with almost everything and will elevate your street style to a whole new level. Also, don’t be afraid to rock the denim on denim look. Gigi Hadid can be looked up to for inspiration when talked about denim jackets. She, apparently, swears by them.

  3. Jeans

    Jeans, jeans, jeans. My love and admiration for jeans is unlimited. If you ask me, jeans, instead of diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It is a life saver.

    The type of jeans I would consider a necessity in this era would be as follows:

    • Boyfriend/mom jeans

      Boyfriend/Mom jeans are a real deal. They are super casual but never fail to look extremely stylish. They are a must have if you hate wearing skinnies or you just want your legs room to breathe while you make a quick run to the grocery store.

    • Skinny jeans

      It’ll be a sin to not mention skinny jeans while discussing jeans. They are an absolute must have. There are multiple ways to play around with skinny jeans. You can get away with wearing them to office or even an interview or just a casual hang out with your girlfriends. I will not deny the fact that they can suffocate the living hell out of your legs but, well, name one good thing which doesn’t come with a cost?

    • Shorts

      MUST-HAVE! Shorts are extremely important for the summer days when all we want to do is lay by the beach, vacationing, having a Popsicle. They can be a substitute for pants.

  4. Dresses

    I could write a book on the importance of dresses in a woman’s life. They should be taking up the most room in your closet. Lucky for us, they come will all sorts of price tags, from the insanely expensive Rag&Bone ones to the affordable ones from Forever 21.

    Having a little black dress is imperative. It’ll save you SO much money and trouble and even stress before a big day at office or even a date night. An LBD is a staple.

    With that, to ease off the heat and to look cute AS HELL, buy that cute dress. It’s a summer must-have and a winter essential. You can totally rock it with strappy sandals in summers with your legs on the show, whereas, on chillier days, they can be paired with thick tights, ankle boots and of course the cute beanie.

The above list ranges from a decent blazer for that meeting of yours to a cute dress which will give you the right summer vibe to the boyfriend jeans to run to the grocery store in.

Few more honorable mentions are: white sneakers, a pair of sunglasses, a patterned scarf and a baseball hat.

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