Fear Of The Unknown In eReader Technology

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Humans fear the unknown. That’s a given. It’s our instinct. It’s a simple premise that creeps into our lives much more than we realize. Change, like the President campaigned for, brings a great amount of uncertainty which brings fear in our lives. The change that he advocates should be good because for quite sometime, the situation was stagnant.

The changes happening in our personal finances as well as what we learn through a variety of media are enough to prompt even the bravest of us to cover our eyes, cautiously peeking through the space between our fingers to see if it’s OK to look, especially for us old geeks.

We have always received information over the years via the traditional media that has consisted, generally, of print, television and radio. Now, there is another medium, used relatively more recently, via the Internet – the online world – better know as digital content.

The simple fact of the matter is that whether you get information from the traditional media, there is a growing market for e-books and other digital content formats that cannot be ignored. It is going to impact the future of the traditional media.

Up until recently, e-books failed to gain momentum after their initial launch. David Rothman, founder and editor-publisher at news and commentary website TeleRead.org, said he believes the reasons for the initial failure were:

  • The price point was about the same as for printed books
  • There were not many e-books available to consumers
  • Digital rights management issues
  • Lack of ability to view on e-reader screens.

Now, comes Amazon’s own Kindle 2 that has, since its introduction, revolutionized the digital content world. It has successfully addressed and overcome the concerns of the consumers and the digital content providers.

kindle 2

To better adapt to digital technology, publishers and consumers alike need to use the technology. Get the Kindle 2, an iPhone and get to know these devices.

Some surveys suggest that 2% to 3% of American households will own a dedicated e-reader, like Kindle 2, within the next couple of years.

Say, hello to Kindle 2

In a Nutshell
Amazon’s new Kindle 2, shipping since last week, shames the original Kindle with a host of improvements: better enclosure, faster page-turns, a better Web experience and seven times the memory.

Before you buy Kindle 2 through this blog, I suggest you search for it in your favorite search engine and read the reviews.

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