Financial Preparation: 4 Winter Woes To Keep Your Wallet Full For

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For many people, the winter season marks upcoming festivities, hot chocolate, and snow angels and snowmen getting propped up at every block and neighborhood.

But if you’re a homeowner or a renter, there are expenses unique to this time of year.

Below are four of the most common winter woes reported by homeowners and renters that have the tendency to thin out wallets and empty bank accounts.

Financial preparation 4 winter woes

  1. Icy Pipelines

    Pipelines freeze up during the winter season, and is one of the most commonly reported problems to plumbers.

    The initial effect of your pipe freezing up may not really spark any cause for concern, but once it bursts, it can dump devastating amounts of water into your household.

    To avoid such a calamitous scenario, maintain a warm temperature for your pipelines by keeping the thermostat at a temperature of at least 65.

  2. Roof Damage

    This is another common type of damage that costs money for many homeowners during winter. In fact, it’s so common that there are different types of roof damage.

    While shingles and tiles can get severely damaged during unabated blizzards, a more common culprit of roof damage is snow and hail.

    As snow and ice pile up on your roof, the weight increases on the structure, which leads to sagging and leaking.

    Ice can also congest the gutters, which disable snow and slush from emptying into the ground. Damages can cost upwards of $20,000 for an extensive roofing repair.

  3. Tree Collapse

    If your house is situated in an area where winds can reach frightening speeds, the risk of a tree collapsing into your pathway, household, or vehicle is considerably high.

    What’s worse is that these trees can fall into your family member, guest, or bystander, which can result in costly medical bills or get you into an arduous lawsuit even.

    To avoid this scenario, remove any weak and rotten trees from your yard.

  4. Mold Buildup

    It’s fairly common during the warm summer conditions, but mold can also build up during the winter season.

    Swift clean-up is necessary to avoid health issues and property deterioration. It’s best to leave this to a professional, such as First General Services, to ensure efficient and permanent mold removal.

By preparing for these four common winter woes, you leave yourself more time to focus on the positive offerings of the cold winter season, whether you’re going to build a snowman or sled with your dogs.

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