Financial Sacrifices to Make Now to Afford Your Future Dream Home

Monday, March 23, 2020, 6:00 AM | Leave Comment

If you hope to afford the home of your dreams in the near future, it will likely mean making financial sacrifices now.

You will need to have saved for as large a down payment as possible as well as have a good credit record when you begin the process of buying a home.

You should make the following financial sacrifices now to afford a better property in the future.

  • Stick With An Older Car

    You may be tempted to go out and get a new car if your current one is aging, but a hefty car payment on top of a mortgage payment can be detrimental to your budget and your loan application. It will limit how much you are able to afford monthly to put towards your mortgage and it might eat into the funds you have set aside for a down payment. Know that when your car gets old enough and becomes unsafe that you will need to replace it, but if it functions just fine rushing out to get a new one can be a setback to buying a house.

  • Go On Fewer Trips

    If looking at country club properties for sale is something you want to be able to do soon, you will need to go on fewer trips, eat out less and generally cut down on luxury spending if you eventually want to own a luxury property. Reassess your finances once you have moved in and begin saving for vacations afterward. If you do want to go on a vacation, consider cheaper options such as local vacations or budget traveling.

  • Consider Avoiding The Starter Home

    Many people end up in a starter home, which is often cheaper and with more repairs needed, before they plan to move into their forever home. However, buying a starter home could potentially push back your goal of buying your dream home. It may make more sense to rent and save your money to be able to afford a better home faster. With a starter home, you will be responsible for home maintenance, repairs and mortgage interest which can set you back financially.

  • Don’t Buy Unneeded Wants

    While you shouldn’t completely deprive yourself, you will still have to cut many wants out of your budget now if you want to afford a nice house later. Go to your local library to get entertainment media for free rather than paying for movies, concerts or books. Consider the vast amount of media you can access online legally for free from independent content producers. Other unneeded wants can include new furniture, decorations, clothes and more.

Preparing to buy your dream home is not always easy. It can mean years of hard work and financial sacrifices to be able to afford what you truly want. But with the right planning, cutting back in the right places and looking for alternatives, your dream home may soon be within reach.

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