Five Benefits of Organization Alignment

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When was the last time you rode in a car with wheels that were not properly aligned? Chances are it was a pretty rough ride. The car either pulled in one direction, making it hard work to keep it in your lane, or, it worked against itself as one tire pointed one way and another tire another way.

The same thing can happen in our companies. The ride can be pretty bumpy, not to mention noisy, unless everyone is pointed in the same direction.

That’s why it’s important to understand the five benefits of an aligned organization.

Five Benefits of Organization Alignment

  1. Ensures Everyone Works on the Right Things

    The first benefit of an aligned organization is that with a common goal for everyone to strive towards, the right things are worked on.

    Here’s the trick – you need make sure that everyone clearly understands the goal and the end game.

    The best way to accomplish this is to clearly communicate the strategy of the company. What are the three to five most important things your company is working on?

    Once those are communicated and understood, you can then align everyone’s activity to accomplish those initiatives.

  2. More is Accomplished

    An aligned organization is structured and disciplined. This doesn’t mean the company lacks creativity or is oppressive.

    Rather, it means that projects not aligned with company strategy are not allowed to infiltrate the company.

    Alignment allows resources to stay focused on the tasks at hand and not waste time on other distractions.

  3. Teamwork Increases

    A third benefit of alignment in the organization is increased camaraderie. The ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality is nipped in the bud while everyone works toward the same goals together.

    Departments and groups of people that are not properly aligned have a tendency to look after their own interests.

    This will still occur in the aligned organization, but there is also more of, “what can I do to help?”

    Team members in the aligned organization realize that everyone must cross the finish line at the same time in order for the project to be successful.

  4. Profitability Rises

    An aligned company is a company that runs efficiently. Engaged teams that are working on the right things are naturally going to get more done.

    Getting more done in less time results in increased profitability. There are fewer misunderstandings and mistakes – and rework is few and far between.

    Alignment helps keep resource costs in check, and reduces expenses, both of which are areas that impact the bottom line.

  5. Opportunities Abound

    People like working with people and companies that have a track record of success.

    The aligned organization will have plenty of success stories to tell.

    That credibility allows salespeople to sell more, executives to explore new strategies, and managers to optimize opportunities.

    It generates more top-line revenue that ultimately trickles down to the bottom line.

A car that is not aligned will still run; however, the ride is rough and it’s not very efficient on gas.

Once aligned, the car rides much more smoothly and fuel efficiency increases dramatically.

Your company can still run if it’s not aligned, just not very efficiently.

Take the time to align your organization and begin realizing the benefits!

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