Five Characteristics That Make a Great Finance Manager

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If you are finding it hard to find a job as a finance professional in the current job market, may be better showcasing of your knowledge and vital traits of the finance industry is all that is needed.

This post is meant to act as a guide for carving a niche in the finance industry, especially if being a finance manager is what you always dreamt of.

Years of conditioning has led to job seekers having a traditional approach towards ‘selling’ themselves as prospective candidates, focusing only on educational background, and professional experiences.

However, unless you have got the right skill set and attitude, the current crop of hiring managers will not select you for the role of finance manager. So it’s better you know what goes into making a quality finance manager:

  1. Reliability

    Honesty and trustworthiness are possibly the most sought after attributes in all financial sectors. If you have a clean record it will prove helpful while dishonesty can be detrimental to not only your prospects but largely to the company’s financial health and reputation.

    If you want to infuse a change in the company’s ongoing finance problems you will first have to be honest about it. If you prove your reliability company would feel comfortable in handing out to you its cash flow and bank balances.

  2. Problem Solver

    Companies hire candidates who can push the organization in the right direction during challenging times. They rely on problem solvers who can find solutions to the various problems that arise from time.

    If you are considering applying to finance manager jobs then having problem solving skills is quite necessary. You have to take action that helps the company get out of mess regardless of how hard is the situation.

    While a face to face round is not where you can actually show all your problem solving skills, but if you are able to cite some examples and stories where you did succeed in overcoming challenges through problem solving than nothing better than that.

  3. Analytical skills

    The best leaders were those who could easily put to use their analytical skills to use for the company. If you want to show your utility the best way is to be logical in your approach.

    Analytical skills include the ability to gather and asses different information which is indispensable for a role in finance.

    Although no one is really born with good analytical skills, all you have to do is practice hard to earn these skills. If asked, it is your responsibility to show that you can handle problems that require strong analytical abilities. The easiest way to do that is by sharing experiences about previous encounters.

  4. Leadership

    The most sought after finance professionals drive themselves and others forward through leadership and by cutting an inspirational figure.

    Never forget that you are applying for a managerial position, therefore unlike entry-level finance candidates, you will require exhibiting a high level of leadership in the team. In fact all daily tasks such as communication, teamwork, and project management require a strong leader.

    In order to make your flair for leadership known, you can include experiences and positions of importance headed by you in the past in your resume.

    Plus, it is required that you are able to effectively communicate your capabilities to the recruiter in the face to face round. If there is anything that can really improve your chances of getting hired than it is your leadership qualities.

  5. Excellent communication

    It goes without saying that good communication is the cornerstone of success in every field.  Whether you’re applying for a role in as a corporate finance manager or investment banking, your ability to communicate with the team and the clients is seen as the deal breaker.

    Every recruiter seeks an employee who can easily put across his or her point in meeting with managers, colleagues and clients. Through various examples and by presenting a confident face in the interview you can readily show that you possess the communication skills required for the job.

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