Five Outdated Items On Your Resume – Remove Them

Monday, August 23, 2010, 9:21 AM | 3 Comments

Employers have changed their tactics over the years for hiring. Accordingly, resume writing has come a long way in changing its face. Not only the format has changed but the content on it is not what it used to be. Some formats are considered by today’s standard outdated. We all know a good resume can get you in for an interview. Then once you are in, your verbal interview must take over and how you handle questions and answers and to the best satisfaction of the person sitting across the table in front of you.

It used to be known as resume writing. Now you must develop it as a mini-business plan of your career. That means what you can do for the company in the years ahead. And that’s the concept that has come to the surface lately that states “it is important what you have worked on. But at the same, it is as important if not more what you can do for the company.”

Experts tell us to watch out for the following five outdated concepts when you write, oops when you develop, your resume

  1. Format…

    First impression is the last impression as the saying goes. The first impression your resume gives is critical. It gives an indication how you want the hiring manager to perceive you, whether you are professional and accomplished or sloppy and disorganized. So “dust off your resume” and change the format of years bygone. From your resume, the hiring manager will immediately know whether you are a viable candidate or not.

  2. Objective…

    It used to be that the candidate had objective written on resume. No more. Just simply remove it. Instead, you should have – in bullet form – what you can do for the company in light of what you accomplished in your professional career. Add then what your essential skills are.

  3. Keywords…

    Keywords belong to the industry you have experienced in. Don’t forget to use them in the beginning of the resume. The top section of the resume is where the hiring manager’s eyes will be drawn. Short keywords are a great way to tell the employer about your expertise.

  4. Size…

    The hiring manager will not read too long a resume. Too short resume will not do justice to your accomplishments and what you want to do for the company. Keep paragraphs to 3-5 sentences. The same goes for the number of bullets you use.

  5. Accomplishments…

    Briefly state and emphasize on your accomplishments. What the hiring manager needs to know is how you are going to meet the company’s needs. State any challenges you faced at your previous place of work and how you overcame the difficulties.

In a Nutshell
By following the above and many more when you find them online can make your resume outstanding among the hundreds for the same job.

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