Five Things to Remember After You Get in an Auto Accident

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There are a lot of vehicles on the road! Approximately 10 million auto accidents occur in the United States each year. With numbers like that, safe driving in a safe and reliable automobile is an absolute necessity. But even with prevention measures, the possibility of an accident is still very real. There are some things to remember that can make an automobile accident an easier pill to swallow.

Five Things to Remember After You Get in an Auto Accident

  1. Assess the Situation

    Keep your cool and determine if anyone is hurt (yourself included.) It is absolutely necessary to know what the immediate medical needs are of all those involved in the accident. If the accident is minor and the vehicles can easily be moved to get out of the way of traffic, do so. (Only in the event of a minor accident with minimal damage.)

  2. Contact the Police

    Whether it’s your fault or not, the police must be called to fill out an incident report. Insurance companies require this and the police can get all sides of the story on the accident. Make sure you read anything they write down for the official statement before signing the accident report. It’s OK to sign the report, but only once the statement meets with your approval.

  3. Get Information

    Exchange contact and insurance information with any other drivers involved. Make certain any witnesses provide their information as well. This will be asked by insurance companies and can make the process much faster and easier.

  4. Understand Your Legal Rights

    An attorney can be very helpful in understanding the law when it comes to personal injury and damage to personal property. Many attorneys specialize in automobile accidents and understand the ins and outs of this area of justice. A motorcycle accident attorney can also be helpful along with other types of motor vehicles in regards to knowing what are your entitlements. Make sure you have an attorney look over any type of settlement before you sign any type of agreement with an insurance company. Don’t just sign this without letting an attorney review the agreement.

  5. Take Pictures

    There is nothing wrong with taking photographs of the accident and the scene surrounding the accident. With most people carrying their phone with them (as part of their mobile device,) it has never been easier to take pictures at a scene. Take close up pictures and pictures showing the full extent of the accident.

Clearly, no one enjoys the idea of being involved in an automobile accident. Whether a car, truck, motorcycle or any other type of vehicle, it is definitely an unpleasant experience. But you aren’t alone in your experience. Remembering to take the above steps in the event that you find yourself in an accident however, can make the process a great deal easier.

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