Five Things You Didn’t Know Were Insured

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Most of us have the basic insurance policies such as health insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance. What you may not realize can be insured are the following five items. Some of these make good sense, while others may seem silly.

Five Things You Didnt Know Were Insured

  1. Body Parts

    People insuring their body parts began in the 1900’s. This isn’t exactly a policy suited for the average person, but it does make sense for celebrities that make their living off of a certain part of the body. Models will insure their hands, feet, legs, or any other part that is considered valuable to their career. Dancers often insure their legs and feet.

  2. Boats

    We often don’t think about boats needing insurance, but it is a necessity. Owners spend a lot of money on their boat, and chances are it will be used often during the warmer months. Policies are similar to auto insurance coverage. Boat insurance can cover physical damage, property damage, and bodily injury. This helps protect your investment you’ve made in the craft.

  3. Pet Insurance

    Many of us see our pets as additional members of the family, so it makes perfect sense to have them insured as well. Insurance is available for dogs, cats, and a variety of other animals. Policies cover routine care, accidental injuries, and surgery.

  4. Flight Insurance

    Flight insurance covers the client in the case of an injury or death due to accidents involving air craft. This may be covered by an average life insurance policy, but if you fly often for business, it’s something you might want to consider. It can cover more details specific to flying.

  5. Wedding Insurance

    Today’s weddings are costing couples a substantial amount of money. So much so that even the average couple wants protection against anything jeopardizing their big day. If a natural disaster cancels the wedding, you don’t want to lose thousands of dollars. With wedding insurance, you’ll be able to afford another wedding at a later date. Some policies even include a “change of heart” addition that covers any counseling you may need if left at the altar.

Having coverage for even the most uncommon items makes sense if you have invested a substantial amount of money on it or rely on it for your main source of income. Experts such as those with Rogers & Gray Insurance can help you with all of your coverage needs, ensuring you won’t get stuck with a huge financial loss.

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