Five Ways to Throw a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

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A wedding is a memorable and important day for both the groom and the bride. This is because this day is where they officially become a couple before their family and friends.

So it is their dream to make the day look spectacular and elegant as well. We can’t forget the expenses that are associated with planning a wedding such as a venue cost, gown and the suit, the food and the music among others.

Therefore, if you are not careful, you may end up spending all of your money on your wedding which is not right at all since there is life after the wedding.

There are various ways that you can plan a wedding on a budget and yet make it stand out.

  1. Prepare a budget

    The first thing to do is to develop a budget that you are comfortable working with. This will guide you in incorporating all that you can afford to have in your wedding.

    Am sure there are flowers that you can buy at a low price and any other detail. So plan a wedding according to your budget such that you will not end up overspending on it.

  2. Ask for assistance

    To capture all the great moments happening on your big day, you will require to hire a wedding videographer and a photographer. If you don’t know anyone who provides these services, consider asking for assistance from your friends or relatives on the best personnel to hire and should also charge according to your budget.

    Also, if you have a close person who offers the services, then you can hire them since their charges are expected to be lower as compared to hiring a total stranger.

  3. Limit the number of guests

    You cannot make everyone happy, and for such a day you don’t have to invite the entire neighborhood just because you know each other as this may in return cost you a fortune.

    So ensure that you only invite the people who are close to you like your family and close friends.

  4. Keep it simple

    Simple is beautiful, and therefore avoid the extra cost in trying to add all sorts of decor on your venue.

    Choose two colors that blend well and use them as your theme colors instead of trying to match all the rainbow colors. This tip saves you money, and at the same time also helps in bringing out the beauty of the event.

  5. Be happy

    Remember all eyes will be on you not the color of the seats you have hired or the flowers used on the decor. A happy bride or groom results to a happy and memorable wedding.

    So be sure to be happy dance all the night away and without forgetting to make sure that you make a grand entrance at your wedding day.

    People will remember how the wedding was depending on how the bride and the groom behaved all through the entire ceremony so be sure to be happy as it is worth more than having a billion worth wedding where there is no joy.

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