Follow Optimization Rules When Commenting

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I get many spams on this blog as comments. The commenter does not take into consideration what the subject matter is for the post. Lately I have been getting comments that seem to be East European language – perhaps Russian or Ukrainian or some language from that region of the world.

Sometimes there are no comments just email and website addresses. Even then the email address is incorrect and the domain name does not exist when I search for it.

Follow Optimization Rules When Commenting

I just delete them right away. But the ones that are in English sometimes have similar problem.

Instead of commenting on the subject matter and participating in the discussion, many would just say “I like your site.” I bet they say it to every blog they meet.

My blog Doable Finance tries to be a decent and respectable blog in the neighborhood of personal finance.

It just takes a deep breath, feels sorry for the guys and gets scared thinking Google might blow it away from its cozy home of content. So sometimes it just deletes those kinds of comments.

If the commenter wants to just create back links to his or her site without participating in the discussion, Google and others are too smart for that kind of tactics.

Sometimes I delete those comments as a favor to their websites, so Google will not penalize them for their misdemeanor. So let it be written. So let it be done.

  • Commenting on the Content of others

    When you comment on the content of others, it can be a great source of marketing for your site.

    Your comments especially on the subject matter at hand are looked upon quite favorably by Google and others.

    Not only do you get to share your thoughts with others, but you have the opportunity to generate exposure for your own brand simultaneously. “I like your blog” does not cut it.

Four general rules you should follow

Here are four general rules of engagement for commenting on your own website and others and you will be very pleased at the results. Commenting must be a two-way street so that everyone can benefit from it.

  1. Participate

    Every blogger takes the time to write an article. You have taken the time to read it. It seems like a big waste to go off the subject matter. While it’s easy to say “great article”, it is far more meaningful to say “great article – here is the reason”.

  2. Positive Contribution

    Sometimes, someone will leave a comment on content that will be interesting and thoughtful. In that case, respond positively with another comment or reply by an email. It will encourage repeat visits and greater interaction over time.

  3. Disruptive Behavior

    Be bold to punish disruptive behavior. Curtailing negative behavior immediately and without question should be the rule. I just delete those comments permanently.

  4. Present Supporting Data

    Say something immensely more valuable to show some proof in the form of solid data to back up your comment. Everyone on both sides of the aisle benefits when commenter provides supporting data.

Other important issues you must adhere to

    Comments will be deleted if you don’t follow the below:

  • Note that we do not publish your email address which is only used to differentiate between Trackback and Comments.

  • If you don’t include email address, system will consider it Trackback and your comments won’t be published.

  • All opinions are moderated before being included (to stop spam).

  • Most of all, this is not Billboard for your Advertisement. In such case, your comments will be deleted.

In a Nutshell
Just be considerate to the work of the blogger. Commenting on and participating in the subject matter will enhance your creation of back links experience.

Otherwise, beauty or the lack of it is in the eyes of the beholder. In this case, the beholders are Google and other search engines.

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