Following Three Major Scams Will Make You Lose Big Money

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There are different kinds of scams or frauds but three stand out the most. People who commit these kinds of frauds are always on the lookout for grabbing their prey from the neck to financially suffocate them slowly but surely. Once they find out they have the potential victim in the palm of their hands, they use a variety of psychological weapons to lure and keep luring for quite some time in order to get what they want from their prey.

These major scams are rising types of online crime causing Internet users to lose significant amounts of money. As long as the Internet exists – potentially forever and ever – these scams will still breath and will be major source of income for the fraudsters.

No matter how many such articles as this one have appeared in the landscape of the Internet, there will always be folks who, because of a variety of reasons – greed is at the top – will be conned for their money forever and ever.

You should do your utmost to deter the following 3 major scams unless you deliberately want to lose money. Who in his/her right mind would want to do that? Theoretically no one, of course but practically there are many suckers.

  1. Advance Fee Scam

    Advance fee scam, also called upfront fee scam, is any scam that, in exchange for an upfront fee, promises to send you money and / or products. It may also ask your assistance in removing funds from a country that might be going through a political turmoil.

    The fraudster might tell you the upfront fee is for membership, participation, administrative or handling, or taxes.

    However, these different kinds of fees have one thing in common and that is once you send them the fee, it’s permanently gone out of your pocket, never to return to your bank.

  2. Debt Elimination Scam

    There are obviously legitimate firms that will work with you and put you on the path of repaying your debt and will show you how you can handle your finances responsibly.

    On the other hand, there are scammers who would promise you to make you debt free and overnight at that for an upfront fee that goes straight in their pocket. After which, you might not see them again. If they let you see them, it’ll be for bilking more money from you and nothing else.

    That’s a wolf in sheep clothes as the saying goes. You’ll certainly lose the fees money without any service rendered to you. In addition, you’ll incur more debt, damage your credit rating. You could risk identity theft as well and might face legal action.

  3. Nigerian Scam

    When you combine identity theft and advance fee fraud, you get Nigerian fraud. Here, Scammers pose as government officials contacting and asking you for help in transferring millions of dollars out of Nigeria in exchange for a percentage of the funds.

    They would try to convince you to provide your bank name and account numbers and other identifying information so that they can send you checks to pay for bribes or legal fees.

    When the perpetrators receive the victim’s information, they’ll definitely drain your accounts and credit cards.

    Don’t depend on the Nigerian or U.S. government to get you the money you so “kindly” paid to the scammers. None of the governments in the world will help you recover the money.

    It’s your responsibility to avoid the scammers. You’re potentially breaking the laws of these countries. Why would they help you recover the money?

In a Nutshell
Just say NO. Just ignore the email, phone call or other ways of communication. Stop losing money. Keep it simple. No matter how many excuses you make for losing money to this kind of fraudsters, one thing is for sure: You’ll never see the money again.

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