Ford Will Be Hiring Over Next Two Years

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Ford Auto executives said at the Detroit auto show they would be adding 7,000 workers including 750 white collar engineers throughout Michigan wherever the company has plants and offices. Hiring would be done over the next two years. That’s very good news for the laid-off thousands of auto workers. If you remember Ford had not accepted Federal bailout money while GM and Chrysler were the big recipients.

The concentration of hiring would be at Dearborn. Areas for new and rehiring candidates include: Design, product development, product engineering, manufacturing and electric vehicle engineering.

The time and age is just about right for totally electric cars and that’s one area that Ford will be hiring as well. Ford is actively recruiting electric vehicle engineers to beef up its engineering team in Dearborn and is interviewing some of those candidates this week at the Detroit auto show.

So if you are electric vehicle engineer, you should have a good chance of getting a job with Ford. Sherif Marakby, Ford’s director of electrification programs, said Ford has tripled its staff of electric vehicle engineers in the last 12 months.

The three core areas Ford is looking to hire are: Battery development, electric motors and power electronics.

Ford has done a good job of tightening up their financial belt. Downsizing, reducing or eliminating waste, make cars more efficient and marketable. Any manufacturer or service provider must keep the customers in mind. It must go out of its way to satisfy a legitimate complaint.

But more than that, they must strive to produce products and services that consumers need and want, to begin with. For employees, companies must create an environment of cooperation between management and rank and file.

Apparently, Ford went back to the drawing board a few years ago and changed its attitude towards the customers and dealers, not to mention its design and manufacturing processes.

I am not an auto worker but it helps feeling good about hiring and continue letting folks put food on the table. Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally said: “If we can improve the fundamental competitiveness of Ford, then we can make cars in the United States and make them profitably and grow the business.”

That should be one of the core foundations of any business. It should be the core foundation of any employee – to make better products and give better services to consumers. It should be the core foundation of head of the household to spend life in cooperation with all the members in the family.

Ford tightened up its financial operation. Individuals and families must do the same. They must start living within their means. Nothing is unlimited. Everything is limited. We must stop waste, just eliminate it completely.

In a Nutshell
Physical health and financial health go together hand-in-hand. We must try to live better in both areas.

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