Four Home Repairs that Can Lead You to the Poor House

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There is a lot of value placed on DIY home repairs today. There are some repairs that you’re definitely going to want to leave to professionals though. These repairs are very expensive but for good reasons. Here are four repairs that you’ll hopefully never have to deal with as a home owner.

Four Home Repairs that Can Lead You to the Poor House

  1. Water Line Repair or Installation

    Plumbing repairs require a lot of expertise because messing up one part of the repair can cause serious damage. For example, say that while new pipes are being placed one of the connections isn’t entirely sealed. This results in a leak.

    If you’re lucky, you catch the leak quickly before it can do any lasting damage. If the leak is left unchecked, you are looking at some serious property damage from the water.

    Mold can grow overtime, and eventually parts of the foundation can collapse. All of that can happen from only a small water leak. There are more problems that could occur and cause greater damage however.

  2. Replacing a Roof

    Roofs face the same risk of water damage that the rest of your house faces. Shingles that fall off your roof can lead to rot forming on the inside.

    If the damage goes unchecked over a long enough period of time, you may need to have your entire roof replaced. That can easily end up costing tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of your house.

  3. HVAC Repairs

    According to If you don’t keep your furnace and air conditioner in good condition, you’re setting yourself up for some huge bills down the line. If your furnace breaks and you can’t get it fixed, you’re likely going to be paying more than 5,000 dollars to get it replaced and installed by professionals. A similar issue with an air conditioning unit can also end up costing several thousand dollars.

  4. Replacing a Septic System

    A lot of homes that are too far away for a sewer line to be placed in their yard have a septic system in place to handle the waste the home produces. Septic system replacement is extremely expensive because you have to dig up the old system and then replace it with entirely new pieces. You’re usually looking at over 10,000 dollars if you have to have the entire septic system replaced.

Sometimes your best bet is to hire builders to construct you a new home if you have a lot of repairs or changes that need to be done. If you feel that is the case for you, Sartori Custom Homes can provide a lot of options for you.

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