Four Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Job Application

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According to a news release by the US Department of Labor, by October 2014, there are 9 million people without a job. The unemployment rate has gone down in recent months, showing optimistic economic recovery. If you are one of those 9 million unemployed Americans, however, the reality might not be as bright and optimistic.

You may have sent one application after another to no avail. The undeniable truth is, some of your applications are not even read by anyone.

Here are the most common mistakes job applicators make:

  1. Your resume does not have appropriate keywords

    A lesser-known fact is that many large companies have move on to computer-screening system, which scans hundreds, or even thousands, of resume per days, looking for certain qualifications.

    That means even though you are fully qualified, the computer software simply cannot recognize your qualification.

    In order to get your resume selected, be sure to use appropriate keywords for your professions.

    Also, you should always list out specifically all the certifications, degrees or any other professional accreditation that you earned, in their exact names.

  2. You apply at the wrong time

    While resume scanning is gaining popularity, it is only the first steps. Most human resource departments will have someone manually go through each job applications.

    These days, resumes and cover letters are most likely to be received via email. To make sure your application is read? You have to try to stay on top of the email list.

    A lot of people tend to send job applications over the weekend, when they have some time off from school or current job. This can be a big mistake.

    As over the weekend, the hiring manager is not checking her email. Comes Monday, your applications might be lost among hundreds of other applications.

    Therefore, the best time to send your resume on its merry way is on weekdays, in early office hours.

    This way, when the hiring manager opens her email at 8AM in the morning, your applications will be one of the first that she read.

  3. You do not highlight the reasons why they should hire you in the cover letter

    Your cover letter is very important, as it is sometimes read before the resume. If you paste the cover letter straight into the email’s body and send your resume as an attachment, the content of your cover letter will decide if the reader will bother downloading and opening your resume or not.

    Therefore, it is essential to grab their attention at the very beginning.

    Instead of listing out your experience in the resume, be sure to only highlight the most relevant experiences.

    If the job description asks specific questions, be sure to address them in your cover letter as well.

  4. You did not proofread

    While it is very hard to get noticed by hiring managers, it is quite easy to get rejected by them.

    Imagine yourself in their shoes, reading through hundreds of applications a day, wouldn’t you look for reasons to turn away applications and shorten the list?

    Therefore, always proofread and proofread again for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Do not make your resume hard to read with inappropriate fonts or decorations.

Don’t even think about sending a 20 page resume while you only have two years of experience either.

Remember you want your resume to be read, so do not try to make it harder for HR staff to do so.

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