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Praxis Templates have developed finance templates in the form of spreadsheets that are extremely easy to understand and use. The company has used the more popular MS EXCEL as the basis for the templates.

In order to fully use and benefit from these spreadsheet, it is better you have MS EXCEL installed on your computer.

Alternatively, you can also use the Microsoft EXCEL compatible Free Open Source [download] applications. In that case, you can download and save the spreadsheets on your computer in the folder of your choice. Run Open Office Spreadsheet application and then load one of the Praxis Templates as your specific spreadsheet in it.

  • 401(k) Calculator

    The 401(k) calculator template can help you figure out how much your 401(k) contribution will be worth over time. Enter your assumptions in the charts provided and see how your estimated result would change over a specified period of time.
    Download 401(k) Calculator

  • Loan Amortization Calculator

    Use these loan templates to create a schedule for repaying your loan. You can enter the loan amount, interest rate, and the length of the loan to determine the size of your monthly loan payment. There are a whole lot of other features you can take advantage of.
    Download Loan Amortization Calculator

  • Save on Fees with a Free Zecco Brokerage Account

    Are you tired of being nickel-and-dimed by your broker? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep more of your money for yourself.
    Save on Fees with a Free Zecco Brokerage Account

In a Nutshell
Download and try these templates for free. See how easy they are. There are other spreadsheets as well that can help you plan your personal finances. Learn more at Praxis Templates.

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