Frugal Education: 4 Ways To Keep Homeschooling Affordable

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Homeschooling is a popular option and beneficial for several reasons. You can monitor the type of education that your children have, ensuring that they learn the things that you want to teach them and that are necessary for getting into college or for beginning a career.

Homeschooling offers a way to keep your children away from bullying that sometimes takes place in schools and some of the other issues that children have to deal with when they are in a public school setting.

It might seem like homeschooling would be expensive because of getting the books and materials needed for your children, there are some ways to keep it affordable.

Frugal Education: 4 Ways To Keep Homeschooling Affordable

  • Used Books

    Some of the books that are used with homeschool programs can be expensive. Look online to get books at discounted prices.

    Another option is to get supplies at bookstores that are on sale or that are used. Look through the books to make sure there aren’t a lot of pages marked on, and if there are, try to erase the answers so that your children can use them without getting feedback from the previous owner.

    If you know the ISBN of the books that you need for the program you’re using, you can enter this number to find out where to get books at the lowest price.

  • Online Education

    There are numerous academies online that offer free homeschool programs.

    You can find public school options from kindergarten through 12th grade. You can enter the name of your child so that you have a roster and view the answers to the tests and lessons that you create.

    Most online programs have all of the information that you need to create a lesson plan based on the grade your child is in and the subjects that you want to work on before going to the next grade level.

    It’s sometimes a good idea to find out what some of the schools are teaching so that your child learns some of the same things for state testing purposes.

  • Field Trips

    As with the public school system, part of learning is going on field trips.

    Find a few places in your town that offer an educational experience of some type for your child based on the lessons that are taught.

    An idea would be a museum or even a fire department or police station.

    If you are going on a family vacation, consider looking for a few educational locations while away from home so that your child can learn in an environment away from home.

    A nature center is an option that offers opportunities to teach children about nature.

  • Make A Group

    Get together with a group of others who homeschool their children to hold a class at someone’s home and to share the materials for all of the children.

    You can look online to see if there are any homeschool groups in your area. If you have a few people who can come together, you can sometimes get a discount on the supplies that you need.

    The children can rotate the books that are used if one or two learn one subject while another one or two learn another subject.

    You can go on field trips as a group and usually get discounted rates while making learning fun for all of the kids since they will be together.

When you make the decision to homeschool your child, you need to be prepared to spend a little money on the supplies needed. If you look around online and in used bookstores before you homeschool, then you can usually save money. Find others who can share in the expenses by creating a homeschool group.

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