Frugal Fixes: 4 Thrifty Tips for Handling Home Maintenance

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Maintaining everything from the floors to the roof is part of what you have to do when you own a home.

If it’s in your budget, then you can sometimes hire someone to provide the maintenance that the home needs.

There are a few tips that you can keep in mind so that you don’t have to hire someone until there is something that needs to be fixed that you can’t handle.

Frugal Fixes, 4 Thrifty Tips for Handling Home Maintenance

  1. Filters

    There are usually filters on most of the large appliances and units in your home. Check the filters on your HVAC unit, air conditioner, and furnace at least once a month.

    You should also check the compartment under the refrigerator and any filters or trays in the freezer or the dishwasher.

    If you keep everything clean and free of dust and debris, then the system will usually continue to operate properly for an extended time.

  2. Water Woes

    The plumbing system is one that often gives homeowners the most trouble. Examine the pipes underneath and inside the home to ensure that there are no leaks. Wrap your pipes in the winter to keep them from freezing in cold temperatures.

    Keep the drains in the home clean by using products that eat away any debris that might be stuck in the lines.

    If there are any pipes that you can’t access or repair, then consider contacting a plumber who can offer assistance so that no further damage is done.

    Even simple drain cleaning can sometimes turn into struggle, so don’t be afraid to call for back-up.

  3. Gutters

    Keeping the gutter system clean can also keep the roof in the best condition possible. When water backs up in the gutter system, it often means that water will begin to seep into these areas of the roof as well.

    Clean your gutters at least once a month to remove any leaves, sticks or other items that could prevent water from flowing like it should.

    You should also make sure that the spouts are not resting against the side of the house as they could get damaged in windy conditions by blowing and hitting the home.

  4. Windows and Doors

    Examine the windows and doors of the home to make sure there are no cracks in the glass and to see that there are no drafts around the edges.

    When there are drafts around the windows and door frames, then they can impact the temperature of the home, which means that the heating or cooling unit will run more than it should.

    Seal any air leaks that you find, or replace your windows with energy-efficient ones to save money on your utility bill.

Maintaining your home isn’t hard if you take some time each month to inspect a few areas. Most of the maintenance can be done while you’re performing other chores inside and outside the home, such as checking the gutters after mowing.

If you maintain your home, then it will be less expensive and less time consuming to repair it in the future.

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