Future Cars Will Run By Burning Money

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Getting information from all sorts of media everyday can be entertaining and depressing at the same time. Like millions and probably billions of folks, I read the news everyday. It’s a habit I developed when I was in high school. I thank the Internet that it gives us news almost instantaneously. I can be more selective with news on the Internet.

Some news is not news but opinions of the extreme right and extreme left. I never believe in what they tell me. I stopped watching TV news more than 10 years ago. The role of media has changed a lot and for the worse.

These days because of the unrest and protests and potential civil war in Libya, the price of gas at the pump increases almost daily by a few cents. If it keeps going up, experts tell us that would be one more reason for slower recovery.

Yesterday when my son was going to college, he asked me to give him my credit card so he can put some gas in our family car. I told him, I said “Son, our car and others’ as well don’t seem to burn gas. It seems it runs on money. It’s burning money.” I don’t look at the Miles-Per-Gallon (MPG) whether it’s giving us 20 or 30 miles to a gallon. These days I look at it whether it’s giving us 20 miles to an amount close to $4.

Suggestion for Money-O-Meter

There should be a programmable money-o-meter (monometer for short) on the dash board next to the odometer. Programmable because we should be able to enter the price of a gallon of gas when we put some gas in the car. Remember when we used to tell the attendant – most gas stations offered full service – fill it up. Not any more in my family. One stop at the gas station per week is all we do when we get paid for the week.

The money-o-meter should be smart enough to do the calculation by multiplying price per gallon with total gallons to give us the total amount of money available for burning. It should be smart enough to take into its calculation the previous dollars that motorist stashed in the gas tank. That’s what we put in anyway, money in the gas tank.

When we drive, the money-o-meter should increase by cents and dollars. It would continually give us three readings. One how much money we burned, how much still left we can burn and of course the total amount when we put in gas. So we know exactly how much money the car burned in a given time. When motorists drive uselessly around town and they see the actual dollar numbers going up and up, chances are they would try to avoid this kind of driving.

Gas price was not a part of the personal finance back in the old days. Heck! There was no personal finances of any kind. Folks lived within their means. They didn’t know how to live otherwise. They didn’t need calculators or fancy spreadsheets. They sure didn’t need to read the likes of blogs that we have today on the Internet catering to folks who do not treat money properly and advising them how to live their financial lives. Those were the simple but good old days.

To have money-o-meter in the dashboard is one way to save money. I assume we have the technology. We seem to have technology for everything else, why not for money-o-meter. Hopefully we would stop driving and burning money uselessly.

We would learn how best to do our errands efficiently in one trip, just like some of the freight companies have adopted efficient logistics, to do more in less driving, thereby saving money and time.

In a Nutshell
Money-o-meter would be detrimental to the oil companies but very beneficial to our finances. Technology can help us save money in many ways, by facilitating how to live an efficient financial life. At the same time, because of technology, we burn money like never before.

Car run on Water

Money-o-meter will help motorists avoid useless driving thereby saving them money. Either that or embrace your brain cavities for cars run on water.



Is it Portable Solar Panel? Ingenious!

Look at this picture below. I think that could be another answer to our lack of saving. Isn’t that a portable solar panel to provide juice for some juice-sucking everyday life gadgets? If I get the correct impression, that’s quite ingenious.


Solar Panel


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