Gamut Of Lawsuits Handled By A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Civil litigators who offer legal representation to the litigants on the grounds of psychological and physical injury, due to the negligence or carelessness of other people or organization are known as personal injury or plaintiff lawyers. These attorneys specialize in tort laws that aim to claim the rights of the injured and discourage the defendants from indulging in a similar kind of offence.

They help the litigants to get just compensation that would help them to cover the losses, lost wages and also the medical bills.

The cases that come under the ambit of this law are auto accidents, loss due to medical malpractice, accidents in the construction site, loss in insurance due to frauds, injuries due to burns and also injuries due to animal bites.

  • Cases on medical malpractices

    Cases related to medical malpractices are caused when the patient is harmed due to the negligence of the nurses, doctors and other medical professionals.

    Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis comprises of the major percentage of the medical malpractice cases. The fetal injuries that are caused during the childbirth, this also includes the injuries in the prenatal stage, fall under the ambit of this law.

    An error in medications is another example of medical malpractice. If the doctor prescribes wrong medicines that have an adverse effect on the body then the litigants can file a lawsuit for the same. An error in surgery and during anesthesia also falls in this bracket.

  • Injuries due to construction

    In the construction industry, workers have to undergo physical labor as they have to climb great height and handle heavy machinery.

    Workers as well as the passerby can be injured by the flying debris. All the states have certain laws regarding the safety of the construction workers and also compensation for the minor injuries caused during the work.

    If the worker suffers from fatal injuries, then they can file a personal injury lawsuit. The four injuries that are termed as fatal are electrocution, fall, caught in-between objects and also obstructed by any object.

  • Avoid insurance frauds

    Insurance scams are another case that falls under the ambit of the personal injury law. Be it auto insurance or any other form of insurance, false claims have always been a part of the process.

    Few of the scenarios are exaggeration of the injury caused by any accident, or filing for a claim that has not occurred, exaggeration of the severity of the injury by the healthcare professionals are to name few in this category.

    There are also cases where the car causes the accidents purposely or falls from the stairs of the employers or neighbors to file for a claim.

  • Damages caused by the faulty products

    Litigation related to the defective products that might result in death is another case under the personal injury law.

    The manufacturer of the product is responsible for the defect and the damage caused by the same. With the use of defected products physical damages might be caused as burns, head injuries, blindness and burns.

    A Personal injury lawyer can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer on the grounds of defect in the design, manufacturing and marketing.

    Household products, farm machinery, drugs, medical devices, automobile design, toys and products that can cause burn and injuries fall under the umbrella of the defective products and damages caused by these are known fall under personal injury law.

  • Functions of lawyers

    The attorneys who deal with these personal injury lawsuits undertake tasks as investigation of the crime and the damage of the client, collects evidences, drafts the case, analyzes the merit of the case, counsels their clients, prepares them for the trial, interviews the witnesses and also champions in from of the jury members. From the inception of the case, till the clients get their compensation, they guide their clients.

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