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There are literally hundreds if not thousands of resources for online education. Whether you want to go for a formal degree or certificate or take a few courses to enhance your career and advance in your profession or just start in a new field, you have a friend in various online resources.

I was looking for jobs in finance and other such disciplines to have links posted in the sidebar under the title “JOBS” on this blog, when I found one resource for Online Schools.

It’s an excellent resource site. It has a list of schools that offer certificates on a variety of subjects. Plus lists of educational institutions offering complete Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

It also has a list of Campus Schools. While you are at it, read about what Campus School is and other topics of interest as well.

There are a bunch of other sites that offer education online. Believe it or not Ivy League institutions have joined in online services. Perhaps they were the ones to initiate it.

Ivy League & Other Sites with Free Online Educational Courses

In a Nutshell
Distance learning has become quite popular recently. Even the Ivy League institutions are offering online courses, formal and informal, on a variety of subjects.

  • You can go to any school on the list for any program while sitting at the computer, even in pajamas, at the convenience of the comfort of your home.

  • Rain, shine, and snow won’t make you miss a day at your favorite online school.

  • So go ahead and see how best you can benefit from online schooling.

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