Get Your Bargain On: 4 Tips for Saving the Most Money You Can

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If you need to save money or cut your monthly expenses, there are a few ways you can get your bargain on today. Here are four tips for saving the most money you can.

  1. Use Online Coupons for Free Stuff

    While you might know that coupons come in the local paper, you may not know that you can print online coupons as well. To make the most of these coupons, you need to find out which stores in your local area allow you to use a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon on the same item.

    You can read each store’s coupon policy on the store’s website. This allows you to double the savings you get. You can also use online coupon sites like to find out which stores have free deals each week when you combine the store’s sale price with coupons.

  2. Ask about Payment Options for Medical Expenses

    Another way to save is to always ask about your payment options for your medical bills in advance. Some for-profit hospitals will give you as much as 40% off of services if you pay for them in advance, which works great when you are having a scheduled procedure.

    Some dentists will give you 10% or more off your services if you pay by cash on the day the services are rendered. You won’t know unless you ask.

  3. Use Your Smart Phone for Purchases

    This is a great tip for big purchases. Let’s say you are buying a new grill. When you go to the store to see your choices, choose the one you want. Before you buy it, use your Smart Phone in the store to go to the store’s website.

    The online price is sometimes cheaper than the one in the store. If that is the case, buy the item online and choose store pick-up instead of having it shipped to your home.

    As soon as you finish the transaction, head over to customer service to pick up your grill. You will be able to take it home that day from the stock room, and you will have saved money.

  4. Buy Discounted Gift Cards for Your Purchases

    Did you know that you can buy discounted gift cards online from sites like where you can get gift cards for up to 35% off? If you need to make a big purchase from one store, you can buy the discounted gift card to save immediately.

    You can even sell your unwanted gift cards to make extra money on this site. Imagine saving money because someone didn’t want the gift card they had!

You can get your bargain on with these four tips in no time. The best part is that these strategies won’t take up very much of your time.

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