Getting a Social Security Card Fast Cannot Get Easier

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A person’s SSN (Social Security Number) is a truth of their identity. It is an identification number having 9 digits which officials use for verifying the identity and their right for working along with serving as the record for their earned wages.

When a person becomes a citizen of the US or have a baby, they require filling up the right forms for securing for himself and his child the social security card.

There are innumerable reasons as to why one may need this card. A new citizen of America by immigration and by birth will require a new card and number issued for them. The citizens that are existing may need the replacement card in case the original gets destroyed or lost and they may also require a replacement should they change their name legally.

Vital Pointers to Consider

Take a look at how to get a social security card fast be it a replacement or a new card.

  • Collect the Needed Documents

    First and foremost comes to the documents. For applying and receiving the SSC one will require to verify their age, their identity and their status as the citizen of the US with unexpired, valid identification documents. You have to present the original copies. In fact, only copies made as well as certified via the agency which issued such documents.

    Here three criterion needs to be fulfilled, and the below-mentioned documents need to be submitted to cater to each need,

    1. Citizenship Proof like US passport or US birth certificate

    2. Date of birth or age proof

    3. Identity Proof

  • Get Missing Documents

    As the SSA (Social Security Administration) accepts only copies of original documents you may require a new document if it gets displaced. The Columbia District, US territory and every state have their respective office to issue vital records such as marriage licenses and birth certifications.

    Some states have important or state records office while others issue important records via the office of State Dept. of Health. One can also check the website of CDC for determining which office will be accountable for vital records in their state. They should also be ready to pay the needed costs for the important records copy. The birth certificates will differ in price from place to place.

  • Take Print Out

    Two applications that are available on the Social Security Administration website- one for those outside the US and one for those in the US.

    For citizens, in the US the application will be easily found on the website of SSA. The non-citizens can get the needed information either on the Form DS-260 or 230 which is inclusive of the application process of the visa. The non-citizens only those who are eligible for SSN are the ones authorized by Dept. of Homeland Security for working the US. You will not need the SSN for driver’s license issuance, private health insurance, banking services, and employment.

  • Filling the Application

    You need to read every instruction carefully and fill up the entire application. Submitting a fraudulent, inaccurate or incomplete application may unnecessarily delay this application process. Most importantly the application requires being printed on a paper measuring 8.5 by 11″ and filled using either black or blue ink.

    Questions pertaining to ethnicity and race are indeed voluntary. Should one opt out of such parts it will by no means affect their application nor will they be penalized provided the remaining application is accurate and complete.

  • Go to an SSA Office

    People aged 12 and above that require a replacement or a new SSC should visit the office of the SSA in person. In fact, this purpose is for verifying the documents offered for satisfying the needs of the SSA and conducting with candidates the necessary interviews. The best way to find a local SSA office will be by entering one’s zip code correctly on the website of SSA.

    There are a couple of SSA offices that allows applicants to apply through mail only if he/she is capable of verifying their citizenship and identity. But for applying through the mail, it is vital on the part of the applicant to mail only the original copies of every necessary document in the SSA office. Post completion of the process of applying the document needs to be returned yet most may not feel confident in attaching such vital documents’ original copies via mail.

Often it is easy to put one’s belongings down and then forget to pick it back particularly when you are busy. And this is just the way one tends to lose their keys, phones or wallets. Often people are lucky enough to get their belongings back despite misplacing the same in public yet at times people are unfortunate and end up losing vital documents such as the SSC.

Losing it is not good but if this situation arises one needs to apply for it right away. Simply following the guidelines mentioned above will help. Having an SSC is vital for reasons good. This card plays a pivotal role because it is through this card one can collect their social security payment, do their taxes, or gain employment.

The card replacement is for free hence people should not have any excuse for putting this vital errand off. Simply find a social security office nearby, fill up the downloadable application, use only black or blue ink, ensure to sign the application to avoid denial, collect important records, the documents required include age, identity and citizenship proof.

One can use a passport or birth certificate for age and citizenship proof. They can either use a passport, ID card issued by the state or driving license as an identity proof. At least 2 of these documents are required.

Besides, one can also use a military ID card, health insurance card, school ID card or employee card for identity proof as well. One can carry or mail their documents and application and wait for about 10 days in receiving it. It is that simple.

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